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A Comprehensive Guide To Shooting Cans At Ground Zero Mission

Escape from Tarkov has a new starter task called Shooting Cans that asks players to complete some objectives at ground zero.

This quest requires some searching and killing from players as it contains three objectives in total.

In the shooting cans task in Escape from Tarkov, players must find an Utyos machine gun, and AGS grenade launcher and kill 5 enemies at ground zero. Hence, players have trouble completing this mission as locating the weapons are hard.

Continue reading this article to learn how to complete the shooting cans task at ground zero in Escape from Tarkov.

What Is Shooting Cans At Ground Zero Mission?

Shooting Cans at Ground Zero is a unique task in Escape from Tarkov that has many layers.

In general, all the objectives of this task can be completed at Ground Zero in the game.

The task itself is very straightforward as players are required to find two weapons and eliminate some enemies.

start of shooting cans mission
The three objectives of the Shooting Cans mission at Ground Zero.

Players have to find two weapons and eliminate any targets at ground zero to complete the task successfully.

Further, the weapons are a Utyos machine gun and an AGS grenade launcher.

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Objectives Of Shooting Cans At Ground Zero Mission

Specifically, here are all the objectives of the shooting cans that players must complete in the game:

1. Locate A Utyos Machine Gun In Shooting Cans At Ground Zero

The first objective of the mission is for players to locate a Utyos Machine Gun in one of the buildings.

Specifically, the machine gun is located on the 5th floor of the Empire Skyscraper window.

Utyos machine gun shooting cans
Utyos machine gun found in Empire Skyscraper in Shooting Cans mission.

To make locating the gun easier, this Skycraper has a Tarbank on the ground floor.

However, players must remain alert as the 5th floor has sneaky barbed wires on its stairs.

Finally, they can locate the mounted machine gun next to an office window.

Nevertheless, players must be on high alert as other players camp near the barbed wires for sneaky kills.

2. Locate An AGS Grenade Launcher At Ground Zero

The second objective of the mission asks players to locate an AGS Grenade Launcher within the area.

Specifically, the grenade launcher is located on the 2nd floor of the Capital Insight Skyscraper.

Ags grenade launcher ground zero
Ags Grenade Launcher found in Capital Insight Skyscraper at ground zero.

To track down the building, this building has a curved structure and a yellow taxi parked at the front.

Moreover, players can move their crosshairs towards the building window to see the grenade launcher.

Once inside, players must head to the second floor and locate the fast food area.

Finally, they can find the mounted Grenade launcher opposite the fast food stall.

However, the player must note that dying before tracking forces them to redo the quest. 

3. Eliminate 5 Enemies For Rewards

The last objective of the shooting cans mission is the easiest as it just asks players to perform 5 kills.

In fact, players can eliminate any of the Scavs or PMCs, making the task much easier.

Hence, players only need to track these units and eliminate 5 of them to complete this task.

Upon task completion, players receive 1600 EXP, 13000 Roubles, and a Mosin 7.62x54R bolt-action sniper rifle.

Additionally, they also get 3 packs of 7.62x54mm R FMJ ammo that has 20 rounds in each pack.

The Bottom Line

Shooting Cans is one of the four starter quests in Escape from Tarkov that is one of the easiest.

However, players find the tracking part of the quest quite difficult as there are many buildings to discover.

Therefore, they can access an online guide related to this quest to aid them in this mission.

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