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How To Complete A New Directive In Dreamlight Valley?

A New Directive is Eve’s Friendship Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The quest unlocks after players complete The Flying Metal Nuisance and Detective Danger quests.

To complete A New Dirctive in Dreamlight Valley, players must initially feed two monkeys and find a BnL Picnic Blanket and BnL Trashcan. Later, they should grab Jade and four flowers: Jade, Red Luminescent, Orange, Yellow, and White Birds of Paradise.

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A New Directive In Dreamlight Valley

A New Directive is one of the tricky quests; as a result, players are unable to progress through it.

In this quest, players need to feed the monkey to assist Eve, as she does not have to keep an eye on the Hourglass.

Moreover, later in the quest, players must extract items in the Swirling Sounds and collect a few Flowers.

In addition, this quest also involves taking pictures with Eve at the end.

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A New Directive In Dremlight Valley: Quest Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide to help players complete A New Directive missions with ease;

1. Feed Monkeys

At the start of the mission, players must feed two monkeys of any kind.

Depending on the species, players can find the monkeys in the Ruins, the Courtyard, the Docks, and the Overlook.

The schedule of the monkeys also plays a huge role; hence, players should search for one that appears all day.

Considering the Classic monkey roams around the Dock 24/7, feeding them is the best choice.

However, feeding the monkey is not as easy as it seems as they run around, so players must chase until it stops.

feed a monkey dreamlight valley
Chase the monkey until it stops, and tap the Approach button.

Players can feed the monkey banana split or other a 5-star meal like a Large Seafood Platter.

Players can likewise head to other areas to feed the second monkey, excluding the Dock and approach.

After feeding the two monkeys, players should approach Eve and hang out with the character for a few minutes.

Later, players should follow Eve to the opposite side of the gate and just follow where the character is going.

2. Find Objects

Following Eve will unlock a new task where players must find two objects at the Swirling Sounds in Ancient’s Landing.

Players can use the Hourglass to find the BnL Picnic Blanket and BnL Trashcan Planter.

Moreover, players will find the items beside the Waterfall and floating rock, but this may vary from player to player.

dreamlight valley map
Head to Waterfall to find the BnL Picnic Blanket.

3. Gather Flowers

The last part of the quest suggests players should collect five different Flowers.

a new directive dreamlight valley
Collect the five different types of flowers.

Players can head to the collection to grab flowers quickly and view their location and appearance.

Moreover, players will find Orange, Yellow, and White Birds of Paradise in the Dock and the Courtyard.

The flowers may take some time to spawn; hence, players can break the rocks in the areas and collect them.

In addition, players can find the Red Luminescent Flowers in the Ruins and the Overlook.

Finally, players can get the Jade by combining the 16 Emerald Silvers from the bottles.

The Bottom Line

A New Directive quest might be tricky for some players, considering some items are rare.

However, if players invest time in exploring the locations and head to the collection, players can get the items quickly.

Moreover, Players will also get 440 credits and unlock a new quest for completing the quest.

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