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Fast Travel Stuck In Palworld: Try Easy Fixes

In Palworld, an issue of getting the loading screen stuck has arisen while performing fast travel.

However, players will have to use fast travel because walking lengthy distances can be time-consuming and tiring.

To overcome this issue, you have to cancel the animation while performing fast travel.

Continue reading to learn about causes and solutions to getting stuck in Palworld.

Causes Of Getting Stuck Using Fast Travel

The issue of being stopped on the loading screen after fast traveling in Palworld can be due to a variety of circumstances.

Some of the issues players are stuck on Fast travel Plaworld can be due to following reasons:

1. Overweight Fast Travel

Players have reported becoming trapped on the loading screen after fast traveling while extremely overweight.

Such as while transporting a significant number of resources from one base to another.

This issue might be connected to the game’s mechanics and the effects of carrying too much weight during quick travel.

2. Map Exploration and Migration

Some players have reported that the whole map has been reset to a new player’s perspective.

Therefore, it is impossible to quickly go to previously observed stations.

This issue appears to be related to the migration process and the visibility data stored in the game files.

fast travel map
Check maps and examine the route to fast travel.

3. Server-Side Character File

If a player becomes stuck on the loading screen when joining a dedicated server.

The server host may need to remove the player’s character file to address the issue.

This suggests a server-side data conflict is creating the loading screen issue.

These points lead to the loading screen issue after fast traveling in Palworld.

Therefore, fixing them may need a mix of in-game activities, server-side changes, and a thorough grasp of the game’s mechanics.

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Possible Fixes For Palworld Stuck On Fast Travel

There are a few methods that players can use to prevent being stuck on the loading screen after quick travel in Palworld.

Here are some possible solutions:

1. Avoid Fast Travel While Overweight

Players often face problems while fast traveling because of being overweight.

One way to prevent getting stuck on the loading screen after fast travel is to avoid fast travel when carrying a considerable amount of weight.

Such as while carrying a lot of wood and stone from one base to another.

2. Restart The Game

If players find troubles relating to fast travel, such as being trapped on the loading screen, restarting the game is one possible remedy.

Also, try copying the LocalData.sav file from a single player and save it to the server after migration.

Restarting the game can fix the issue as it reloads all the contents available in your game data.

3. Use Mods With Caution

Some players have turned to modifications to fix rapid travel concerns.

However, it’s crucial to note that mods may have certain limits and might cause crashes for some players.

4. Cancel Animation

You might encounter problems such as getting stuck on the loading screen after fast traveling in Palworld.

One possible cause is quick movement during the grapple motion which might result in getting trapped on the loading screen.

You can try switching weapons to cancel the animation and then fast-travel.

Therefore, to avoid becoming stuck after fast travel, be aware of the in-game animations.

reddit palworld fast travel
Discussion on Reddit about Palworld getting stuck while fast travelling.

Also, ensure that the character is not in a position that might interfere with the fast travel process.

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