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Aorta Generator In Armored Core 6: Acquisition Method

The Aorta generator in AC6(Armored Core 6) is obtainable in Act 3.

However, unlike other generators, the Aorta generator is much easier to obtain. 

The Aorta generator in AC6 provides players with a wide array of upgrades. Furthermore, the acquisition method for the generator is quite simple. All players must do is get to Act 3. Thus, players must make sure to obtain it while they are going through the acts of Armored Core 6.

This article discusses the Aorta generator and its acquisition method in Armored Core 6.

What Is The Aorta Generator In AC6?

Aorta Generator is a part that players can obtain in Armored Core 6. The generator seems to provide more aesthetic to the mechs. 

However, players also claim that the generator slightly boosts their damage and changes the attacks to coral. 

Coral attacks can deal more damage to the enemies than your normal weapon attacks.

Thus, this claim may allow players to ramp up their damage.

Also, according to the claims, the Aorta generator is the only coral generator that players can find without having the name coral in it. 

However, the generator also provides one more benefit the mech will recover their EN faster than normal.

Furthermore, the generator also specializes in high-starting EN recovery.

This means that the EN will start at a higher percentage than the normal percentage. 

For example, the EN will normally start at 0%. However, with the generator, it will start at about 5-6%.

Thus, equipping the Aorta Generator can be beneficial for the players. 

Now, with the information that the generator can increase the damage and also the EN recovery point, the generator is quite worth obtaining for the players. 

However, players may also say that there are better generators than the Aorta generator.

Therefore, you should choose to use this generator or obtain other more suited for your build. 

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How To Obtain The Aorta Generator In AC6? 

The players must reach Chapter 3 of the game to obtain the Aorta generator. This makes obtaining the Aorta generator quite easy in Armored Core 6

Players can obtain the Aorta Generator in Chapter 3, Mission 19. The mission goes by the name “Tunnel Sabotage.” 

Furthermore, players can obtain it relatively easily since they must fight only one enemy before obtaining the generator. 

After players start the mission, they must follow the red beacon and complete the first objective. 

Then, they must go on top of a building near the second objective.

However, before reaching the building, they will encounter a flying enemy. 

Defeat enemy to reach aorta generator AC6
Defeat the flying enemy to reach the Aorta Generator in armored core 6.

The players must defeat this enemy, they can simply gun the enemy down or send a rocket to blast the enemy to smithereens. 

After defeating the enemy, head to the top of the building, where you will find a cache.

Moreover, open the cache, and you will obtain the Aorta Generator.

Aorta generator is inside cache AC6
Find the Aorta Generator inside a cache in Armored Core 6.

Once you obtain the Aorta Generator, you can equip it through the mech customization setting. 

Furthermore, the customization allows players to see the visual change in your mech.

Then you can test it out to see if it fits your build or not. 

Players can also fit other parts with the generator to make their mechs perform even better and get more power out of the generator. 

However, players must remember that every mech build cannot defeat every enemy in the game.

Accordingly, players must make sure to build their mechs in a manner that can adapt to various bosses in the game. 

But, we advise players to learn more about the bosses and tinker with their mechs as per the requirement of the boss they are going up against.

The Bottom Line

The Aorta generator is capable of boosting the EN recovery of the mech.

Furthermore, according to some claims, the generator even adds coral damage to your attacks. 

Thus, obtaining this generator can be a great way to boost your damage and thrust yourself around efficiently. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in finding the Aorta Generator in Armored Core 6.

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