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AD Infinitum Safe Code: Unlocking The Mysteries

Ad Infinitum is a spooky video game that carefully examines the psychological and emotional aftermath of World War I.

Players navigate the unsettling environment, dealing with different creatures and solving puzzles.

A safe code is a special number code sequence that lets the player unlock hidden stuff in AD Infinitum. The safe codes are random for every player, meaning no particular safe code will work for everyone.

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What Is AD Infinitum? 

Ad Infinitum is a first-person horror video game where you fight monsters occupying your mind.

Ad Infinitum is a Latin phrase that means forevermore or to infinity.

Hence, it is used to describe something endless or without limit.

You will play the role of a German soldier named Paul Schmitt.

The storyline revolves around Paul trying to remember his past and face his traumas of the war.

Furthermore, this game has two different worlds: Paul’s family home and the scary war trenches.

It mixes reality and nightmares, offering players a haunted and emotional gaming experience.

ad infinitum is a psychological horror game
AD Infinitum is a psychological horror game.

What Is A Safe Code In AD Infinitum?

A safe code is like a secret password required to open a safe or locked container in the game.

It is a combination of numbers that you have to find or figure out as you progress in the game.

The safe or container will open once you enter the correct code, revealing the important items or clues.

There is no specific safe code in AD Infinitum, as they are different for each player.

Safe code can be found written on notes, walls, or even hidden in objects.

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How To Get Safe Code In AD Infinitum?

No such safe code is available that will work for all, as it is different for each player.

However, there are a few ways to help you find the safe code:

1. Observe The Environment

Firstly, begin by exploring the AD Infinitum world and interacting with objects.

Pay attention to the environment and look for objects that might be related to the safe codes.

Likewise, look for patterns, numbers, or symbols that might be relevant.

Be sure to examine rooms, hallways, and different areas for clues or hints leading to safe code.

For example, a hidden note under a book or a message written on a wall.

2. Solve Puzzles

The safe code might be part of a larger puzzle within the game.

Use your logical thinking and examine clues to solve puzzles.

Moreover, you can also hear it as a puzzle or a combination lock.

3. Collect Documents

During your exploration, collect any documents or papers you come across.

These documents might contain valuable information or hints, so read them carefully.

4. Try Guessing The Code

Use your intuition to guess the code, but it is best to find one as it is time-consuming.

You can always try entering different combinations of numbers until you find the one that works.

The Bottom Line

The safe code is unique for each player, unlocking hidden secrets within the game.

However, it can be discovered by observing the environment, solving puzzles, collecting documents or even through intuitive guessing.

If you cannot find the safe code, you can always search online for help 

Hence, the game has recently been released, and finding an online guide or walkthrough is difficult.

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