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Best Heroes To Upgrade With SI40 In AFK Arena

Players are looking ahead as the initial wave of SI40 upgrades comes in AFK Arena with new enhancements.

Furthermore, the SI40 brings new changes and upgrades for the heroes of AFK Arena that make them formidable on the battlefield.

Hence, players must make strategic decisions and choose the best hero to upgrade with SI 40 in AFK Arena.

Continue reading to find out more about AFK Arena SI40 upgrades.

New Upgrades In AFK Arena SI 40

In the dynamic world of AFK Arena, players are buzzing with excitement about the new SI 40 upgrades.

The SI40 is the signature item upgrade, and players are already speculating on the implications of SI 40 changes.

The upgrade can make the heroes of AFK Arena stronger, so it is crucial to know the changes and which ones are best for your team.

The transition from SI 30 to SI 40 is a significant milestone for the heroes of AFK Arena.

Furthermore, these transitions allow players to reach a whole new level of power with upgraded abilities and stats.

In the previous upgrades of the AFK Arena, the improvements were small but the SI 40 brings big changes that can change how a hero fights.

It’s not just about boosting stats anymore; it’s about unlocking game-changing abilities that help you win battles.

Enhancement In The Hero’s Stats With SI 40 

SI40 upgrades bring a diversity of changes and enhancements to the heroes of AFK Arena.

In the SI 40, some of the heroes have received upgraded versions of their existing abilities.

Further, some heroes have gained entirely new skills that help them open up new possibilities during battles.

Due to the enhancements in the Hereos’ abilities, there is increased damage output and crowd control capabilities now.

Hence, these changes can make heroes hit harder, heal better, or even survive longer in battles.

For instance, heroes like Raku and Oden receive upgrades that enhance their existing abilities.

Upgrades in Oden with SI40 AFK ARENA
The SI40 upgrades bring enhancement to the stats of heroes like Raku and Oden in AFK Arena.

Raku is now easier to use in auto mode, and Oden gains crowd-control abilities.

Hence, this elevates Oden power level and makes him a formidable enemy on the battlefield.

Likewise, heroes like Shamira and Palmer receive significant boosts to their skills.

This allows them to deal more damage or provide better support to their team.

Similarly, heroes like Liberta and Ainz get big boosts to their signature moves with SI 40.

These upgrades boost their damage output and healing power, making them even stronger in battles.

Additionally, these upgrades offer stat increases, which further improve a hero’s overall performance on the battlefield.

Best Heroes To Upgrade With SI40 In AFK Arena

With SI 40 upgrades, players have to pick and decide which heroes to upgrade first.

This is because players cannot upgrade all the heroes in their roster of AFK Arena.

While it may be tempting to upgrade every hero, players do not have enough resources to make it possible.

In addition, it is best to upgrade heroes who are already strong in the game’s current strategy with SI 40.

These heroes get even better with SI 40 upgrades, which makes them even more dominant in the battlefield.

Meta awakens units like Liberta, Ainz, and Belinda with significant upgrades and strength in the meta.

Upgrade Belinda in AFK ARENA SI40
Belinda is one of the heroes you can upgrade with SI40 in the Afk arena as she is the light-bearer with high damage output.

So, heroes like Liberta, Ainz, and Belinda are top choices for upgrades as they become even more formidable with these enhancements.

However, upgrading these heroes of the AFK arena with the SI40 upgrade is not as easy as it sounds.

Players must consider and think about how much it costs and how easy it is to get the resources needed for upgrades.

SI 40 upgrades need a lot of red and epic emblems, which might not be easy for everyone to get.

So, it’s important to plan carefully and make smart decisions to use resources wisely.

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