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Guide To Complete The Tarkov Afterparty Quest

In Tarkov Afterparty, all the bosses come back to their original maps with a 100% chance of showing up.

Moreover, players seem to be excited about it, and there are reports of encounters with these bosses across different locations.

Afterparty is a quest in Escape from Tarkov where players must locate and defeat bosses across different maps, requiring strategic planning and teamwork for valuable rewards.

Continue reading to learn about the Afterparty, how to complete it, and its rewards in Escape From Tarkov. 

What Is Afterparty In Tarkov?

Afterparty is a special quest that occasionally throws down the gauntlet for seasoned players.

It’s like a mission given by a character named Prapor.

However, it appears periodically as a limited-time event, so keep an eye out for Prapor’s offerings.

provides you the mission
Prapor provides you with a mission called Afterparty in Tarkov.

Likewise, in this quest, players have to find and defeat every single boss currently roaming the various maps of Tarkov.

The bosses you need to take down include Reshala, Glukhar, Killa, Shturman, Sanitar, Tagilla, Kaban, Knight, Big Pipe, and Birdeye.

Furthermore, prepare yourself with high-tier armor, ammo, and healing supplies.

Think Class 5 armor, top-tier ammo like M995 or AP SX, and plenty of meds like Salewas and IFAKs.

Once you knock them out, you get rewards like experience points, reputation with Prapor, and in-game money called Roubles.

 a quest
Afterparty is a quest in Escape from Tarkov.

How To Complete Afterparty In Tarkov?

To complete the Afterparty quest, you must follow these steps and eliminate specific bosses in different locations.

1. Locate And Eliminate Reshala

You can find Reshala, the boss in Customs, usually around the Radio Tower or Old Gas areas, recognizable by his red beanie.

To increase your chances of success, it’s recommended that you eliminate his guards first.

Moreover, use grenades smartly and try flanking for an advantage.

Once Reshala is solo, find cover and aim accurately to bring him down.

2. Locate And Eliminate Glukhar

In Reserve, Glukhar hangs out near the Hermetic Door or Pawn Building.

Be wary of his aggressive guards in close-quarters combat.

However, Flashbangs and shotguns can be handy against them.

Aim for headshots with high-penetration ammo when dealing with the tanky Glukhar.

3. Locate And Eliminate Killa

Killa, on the Interchange map, moves around Factory, so stay sharp.

Check offices and the Red Keycard room; he likes to camp there.

It is important to use tactical play strategies such as peeking, throwing grenades, and not hesitating to fall back.

Therefore, use the environment to your advantage, and don’t forget to regroup.

4. Locate And Eliminate Shturman

In the Woods map, Shturman roams the Sawmill and USEC camp.

However, watch out for his deadly sniper guards; take them out first.

Flank carefully and use cover to approach Shturman; headshots work best.

5. Locate And Eliminate Sanitar

You can find Sanitar, on the Shoreline, near the Resort, or on the Pier.

His well-equipped guards are aggressive, so brace for a tough fight.

Focus on taking down Sanitar swiftly due to his healing abilities.

6. Locate And Eliminate Tagilla

Tagilla, the brute in Labs, is immune to most ammo.

Use flanking and grenades to weaken him, and shotguns to slow him down.

Additionally, prioritize headshots for maximum effectiveness.

7. Locate And Eliminate Kaban

Kaban appears during the Scav Boss Wave event on Factory.

This fast and aggressive boss requires dynamic strategies.

Additionally, you can use grenades and shotguns strategically to keep him at a distance.

8. Locate And Eliminate Knight

Likewise, Knight roams the central area

Both bosses are heavily armored; target weak spots like visor slits.

Hence, utilize cover and flanking maneuvers to handle their guards effectively.

9. Locate And Eliminate Big Pipe

Look for Big Pipe in Factory, walking around the East and West sides. 

The heavily armored Big Pipe makes the battle difficult.

Additionally, plan smart, use strong ammo, and be strategic to beat him.

Also, use cover, aim well, and plan your moves for a good chance at beating Big Pipe.

10. Locate And Eliminate Birdeye

Birdeye lurks in the South Rock and Helipad areas.

Use the lighthouse’s verticality to your advantage.

Moreover, snipe from above and ambush in choke points.

Therefore, ambush Birdeye from above or in tight spots to get the upper hand.

Rewards After Completing Afterparty In Tarkov

When you complete the Afterparty quest in Escape from Tarkov, it will reward you with the following:

  1. You’ll gain 37,600 experience points, helping you progress in the game.
  2. Your reputation with Prapor will increase by 0.15 points, making him more favorable towards you.
  3. You’ll also receive 170,000 Roubles as in-game currency.
  4. If you have the Intelligence Center at Level 1, your Roubles reward increases to 178,500.
  5. If you have the Intelligence Center at Level 2, your Roubles reward further increases to 195,500.
  6. You’ll obtain three Kalashnikov AK-12 assault rifles, chambered in 5.45x39mm.
  7. Additionally, you’ll receive two ASh-12 assault rifles, which use the powerful 12.7x55mm ammunition.
  8. You’ll gain two SJ15 TGLabs combat stimulant injectors, providing a boost in combat situations.
  9. The completion of the quest unlocks the ability to trade for a pack of 30 5.45x39mm 7N40 ammo at Prapor Loyalty Level 4.
  10. Hence, you gain access to purchasing 12.7x55mm PS12B ammunition at Prapor Loyalty Level 4.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for an ultimate challenge in Escape from Tarkov, the Afterparty is worth taking on.

Likewise, be adaptable, as every boss fight is different, so prepare yourself to adjust your strategy.

Moreover, go in with a squad, as teamwork can make a huge difference in taking down these bosses.

Therefore, preparation is key, so stock up on high-tier ammo, armor, and healing supplies.

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