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Discover The Largest Cockpit In Starfield

Starfield is a space adventure game allowing you to build and customize your ship.

One of the most essential aspects you need to have to make a good ship is the Cockpit.

Starfield has several of the best Cockpit, such as DS30.1 Ares Bridge, Cabot C3 Bridge, Kon-Tiki B-600 Bridge and many more. However, the Cabot C3 Bridg is the Largest Cockpit.

This article discusses different armor available in Starfield, including the largest Cockpit in Starfield.

What Is Cockpit In Starfield?

The Cockpit in the Starfield module impacts your ship’s cargo capacity, crew capacity, hull, and mass.

This is where you navigate the ship and view your flight path.

In this Cockpit, the pilot commands the ship’s directions. Another good part of the Cockpit is it can be upgraded.

Players can enhance the Cockpit to the design that suits the ship’s function and their preference.

Moreover, players can obtain this module by purchasing from different ship technicians or completing missions.

The ship’s Cockpit value is determined heavily by the stats on its Cargo, Hull, and Crew Stations.

Different Cockpit provide unique sets of stats; some ships have the stats of the most enormous Cockpit in Starfield.

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Which Is The Largest Cockpit In Starfield?

There are tons of Cockpit in Starfield to browse from, where only a few are massive compared to others.

Here is the list of those ships in Starfield;

1. Cabot C3 Bridge

Cabot c3 Bridge is one of the Best Cockpit due to its size in Starfield.

Also, it is the only Cockpit with stairs inside due to its massive size.

It is four times more extensive compared to Frontier’s.

Furthermore, this Cockpit is relatively cheap; it only costs about 9000 credits in the game.

To obtain this Cockpit, navigate the Sol System and land on Saturn’s moon Titan.

Similarly, the moon’s resident ship technician sells it.

However, the stats are pretty low compared to other Cockpits, such as it has a Cargo of 280, a hull of 5 and a crew capacity of only 2.

This ships only per its massive size, making it one of the largest Cockpits in the game.

Largest cockpit
The most enormous Cockpit in Starfield has stairs instead of a ladder.

2.DS30.1 Ares Bridge 

DS30.1 Ares Bridge is also one of the best Cockpit in Starfield.

It has eight impressive crew stations and the best one for large crews.

Furthermore, this Cockpit also has a cargo capacity of 300, giving you much more space to carry the materials.

However, it costs about 58,000 credits.

Unfortunately, this is only available for veteran players as it requires a high price and some skills.

You can obtain the DS30.1 Ares Bridge by navigating to Deimos station orbiting Mars.

3. Kon-Tiki B-600 Bridge

Lastly, the Kon-Tiki B-600 Bridge Cockpit provides players with 380 extra cargo.

Making this Cockpit the Largest cargo space than the other Cockpit we discussed earlier and has four crew capacities.

Nonetheless, this is the best Cockpit you can get if you want ample storage on your ship.

Unfortunately, it is too heavy with 35 mass; it can disrupt the ship’s maneuverability.

This Cockpit is more expensive than DS30.1 Ares, which requires 60,000 credits.

Also, to obtain this Cockpit, you must reach rank four on Starship Design.

The Bottom Line

The Largest Cockpit depends on the stats of the Hull, crew capacity and cargo space of the Cockpit.

Starfield’s Largest ships include the DS30.1 Ares Bridge, Cabot C3 Bridge and Kon-Tiki B-600 Bridge.

The Largest Cockpit among those is Cabot C3 Bridge, which has stairs because of its massive size.

You can obtain this ship From the Ship Technical of Saturn’s moon Titan on the Sol system.

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