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AI Investigation Game: 4 Best Alternatives

Welcome to the AI Investigation Game! These games will challenge your logical reasoning, problem-solving, and creativity.

In these games, you will use your knowledge of artificial intelligence to solve a series of crimes.

In AI Investigation Game you are presented with a crime scene and a set of clues. However, your job is to use your AI skills to analyze the clues and identify the culprit.

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What Is AI Investigation Game?

AI Investigation Game is a type of game that involves artificial intelligence and investigation.

It is fun playing AI Investigation Game. There are various characters in the game with their specific role.

These games are played differently depending on the type and genre of the game.

However, some common aspects are:

  1. You use your keyboard, mouse, controller, or other input devices to control your character or avatar in the game world.
  2. Next, you should interact with the environment and other characters using various actions, such as talking and shooting.
  3. Further, you should follow the main storyline or explore side quests. These may involve investigating and preventing crimes, mysteries, or conspiracies.
  4. Additionally, you will face challenges and obstacles. Further, you have to use your logic, creativity, and intuition to overcome them.
  5. In contrast, you can experience the effects of AI on the game, such as adaptive difficulty, dynamic enemies or realistic graphics.

Some Tips While Playing AI Investigation Game

There is no definitive answer to how to play AI investigation games, as different games may have different rules and mechanics.

However, some general tips are:

  1. You must pay attention to the clues and evidence you find in the game world.
  2. Further, use them to deduce the truth or solve the mystery.
  3. Next, use your AI assistant or gadget to help you analyze, scan, or manipulate the environment or the characters.
  4. Additionally, you must explore different paths and choices that may lead to different outcomes or endings.

Finally, have fun and enjoy the immersive and dynamic gameplay that AI can create.

Lists Of AI Investigation Game

You may be wondering about the various sorts of AI Investigation Games. Here is the list of games you may want to play:

1. The Somnium Files

The Somnium Files is about special agent Kaname Date.

Date works for a secret police department that investigates serial killings using a device that can enter the memories of suspects or witnesses.

Date has an artificial intelligence unit named Aiba implanted in his left eye.

Next, this helps him with his cases and acts as his partner in the dream world.

Moreover, he investigates a series of murders related to an urban legend called the New Cyclops Serial Killings.

He uncovers secrets about his past, his friends and enemies, and the nature of Aiba.

Somnium Files
The Somnium Files is about special agent Kaname Date.

This game has two modes of gameplay: Investigation and Somnium exploration.

In the Investigation mode, Date uses his AI partner Aiba to scan the environment and interact with characters in a visual novel style.

Then, Date enters other people’s dreams and solves puzzles to unlock their secrets in Somnium mode.

In contrast, the game has multiple endings depending on your choices.

2. LA Noire

LA Noire is an action-adventure game where you play as a detective who has to solve various crimes. 

The game features a unique facial animation technology that allows you to read the suspects’ and witnesses’ emotions and lies.

The story of LA Noire follows Cole Phelps, a former Marine who becomes a detective in the Los Angeles Police Department.

Further, Phelps works his way up from the Patrol to the Arson bureau, solving various cases inspired by real-life crimes from the 1940s.


Along the way, he encounters corruption, violence, and conspiracy within the city and his department.

Additionally, he has to deal with his past and personal issues, such as war trauma and strained marriage.

Thus, the game has a Noir style and a complex plot with multiple endings depending on your actions.

3. Her Story

Her Story is an indie game where you must search a database of video clips of a woman being interrogated about her missing husband. 

The game is written and directed by Sam Barlow, the creator of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Aisle.

Moreover, the game features a non-linear narrative and an innovative interface that lets you explore the story at your own pace.

her story
A woman is interrogated in Her Story.

Generally, you must use keywords, tags, and logic to find the relevant clips and tell her story.

4. Half-Life

Half-Life is a first-person shooter game where you play as a scientist fighting against aliens and soldiers using various weapons and physics-based puzzles.

The game features advanced AI that adapts to your actions and tactics.

half life
Half-life is a first-person shooter game.

Additionally, depending on the situation, you can also interact with other characters, such as scientists and security guards, who can help or hinder you. 

Contrarily, the game has a sci-fi story that involves a secret research facility, an interdimensional portal, and a mysterious figure known as the G-Man.

The Bottom Line

While playing the AI Investigation Game, summarize the main events and outcomes of the game.

Further, highlight the emotional impact and consequences of the player’s choices and actions and how they affect the characters and the world.

However, leave some room for ambiguity, mystery, or speculation, and invite the player to think about the implications and meanings of the game.

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