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Kalevale Fuse Puzzle In Alan Wake 2: Unlock The Secret Ending

Coffee World in Alan Wake 2 features many puzzle elements, and the Kalevala fuse is one of them.

This fuse is part of the fuse box puzzle in the Espresso Express.

To solve this puzzle in Alan Wake 2, players must pick up the fuse from the break room inside Kalevala Knights Workshop and place it in the fuse box to power up the ride.

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Before Approaching The Kalevala Fuse Lock Puzzle

There is another puzzle players must solve inside the Kalevala Knights Workshop before the fuze puzzle.

This puzzle features a padlock, and players must find the order of the combination to unlock it.

Players have to unlock this door first to access the room that includes the fuse.

To solve this puzzle, players need to look for hints inside the Kalevala Knights Workshop.

First, find the big white cup inside the left side of the building.

Hints For Padlock Puzzle Inside Kalevala Knights Workshop
Hints for Padlock Puzzle inside Kalevala Knights Workshop.

Secondly, look for red cult engravings inside the cup and the trailer that aligns with it.

Memorize the levels of these engravings and head back to the padlock door.

Then, interact with the padlock and pick the correct sets of symbols for each level.

You can scroll the padlock markings by pressing the directional buttons.

Finally, the door will be unlocked once you put the correct sets of symbols on each level of the padlock.

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Location Of Fuse Inside Kalevala Knights Workshop

Kalevala Knights Workshop is one of the essential landmarks within the Coffee World in Alan Wake 2.

It lies east of the Espresso Express after passing through the gate.

The workshop has a barn-like structure with a big signboard on top of the door.

The fuse is located somewhere inside this building which players need to locate.

Firstly, players must turn on the torch inside the building as it is very dark inside.

Secondly, go around the trailer as soon as you enter the building.

This will reveal a door leading to other rooms inside the building.

Then, make a left turn to enter a new room which includes a dining table.

Locating Fuse Inside The Kalevala Knights Workshop
Locating Fuse Inside The Kalevala Knights Workshop.

This room lies towards the left of the computer room you first entered.

The fuse is on top of that table, which players can pick up by pressing X or F.

Another way to get into this room is by starting from the basement.

To reach this room, just take the white ladder that leads you towards this room.

What’s Next After Finding The Fuse In Alan Wake 2?

Initially, players should put the fuse in the box next to the ride.

To interact with the box, press the X on the controller or the F key on the keyboard.

Then, select the fuse from the right hand of the screen to place it inside the box.

After this, go to the controller that operates the ride on the far side of the ride.

Correct Order Of The Ride Puzzle In Alan Wake 2
Correct order of the Ride Puzzle in Alan Wake 2.

Press X or F to operate the ride, then stop the ride in a way that opens up a new passage.

Players need to time the correct pace of the ride so that the convoys get out from the pathway.

Consequently, take this path and navigate below the ride to locate the Circuit Board.

The Bottom Line

The Kalevala Fuse puzzle is fairly straightforward in the game, which only requires players to find the Fuse.

However, players must solve the padlock puzzle first to access the room that has a fuse.

Hopefully, this article helps you learn about the Fuze Box puzzle in Alan Wake 2 and ways to solve it.

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