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The Vaudeville Game- A Comprehensive Solution

Welcome to Vaudeville, a city of wonders and horrors. You are Detective Martini, and you have a case to solve.

The game’s puzzles are challenging but fair. They’re not impossible to solve but require you to think outside the box and use your detective skills.

The Vaudeville game solution can only be found by conversing with various characters who have AI-generated dialogues on the spot. Additionally, you should use your wit and intuition, find clues and be careful of the consequences of your choices.

Continue reading to discover the solutions to the Vaudeville game.

How to Play Vaudeville?

Vaudeville, the experimental whodunit game, is based on the latest AI technologies to generate dialogues in real-time.

You play Detective Martini, a private investigator who has to solve a series of murders in a European city by talking to different characters.

To play Vaudeville, you must have a PC that meets the minimum system requirements and purchase the game on Steam or Epic Games Store.

Additionally, you would need to use your wit and intuition to ask the right questions, find clues, and be careful of the consequences of your choices.

Here are the basic steps on how to play Vaudeville:

1. Choose A Character

There are four characters to choose from: Detective Martini, Detective Jones, Detective Smith, and Detective Brown.

Each character has unique skills and abilities that can help you investigate.

2. Talk To Different Characters

As you explore the city, you will encounter different characters who may have information about the murders.

Therefore, talk to them and ask them questions; the more you talk to people, the more evidence you will gather.

3. Gather Evidence

You will find clues to help your investigation as you talk to people.

Next, these clues can be anything from a physical object to a piece of information.

Therefore, collect as much evidence as you can.

4. Solve Puzzles

To solve the murders, you will need to solve a series of puzzles.

These puzzles can be anything from simple riddles to complex brainteasers.

Hence, use your evidence and your detective skills to solve the puzzles.

5. Find The Culprit

You can identify the culprit once you have gathered enough evidence and solved all the puzzles.

Finally, arrest the culprit and bring them to justice

The Vaudeville Game Solution

The Vaudeville Game solution answers the mystery of who is killing people in Vaudeville and why.

The game has six different endings that depend on the choices you make throughout the game.

Each ending will reveal the identity of the killer but also the consequences of your investigation.

Thus, to find the solution, you have to talk to different characters whose dialogues are generated by an AI in real-time.

Further, you can interact with 12 NPCs and visit 9 locations to find clues and suspects. 

Additionally, you have to use your wit and intuition to ask the right questions.

However, the game has no fixed solution, as the dialogues and the events may change depending on your choices and actions. 

Therefore, there is no definitive walkthrough for the game.

However, you can find some tips and hints on the game’s official discord server or watch gameplay videos on YouTube.

Additionally, some players have reported finding the solution and getting different endings on the Steam Community forum.

discussion on game
player’s discussion on game

Further, you can join the public discord server of the developers to brainstorm new ideas and give feedback on the game’s current features.

discord bumblebee
You can join the Discord group.

The Bottom Line

Vaudeville is a challenging but rewarding game that players of all ages can enjoy.

The game is a unique blend of detective gameplay consisting of vaudeville-inspired characters and settings.

Therefore, Vaudeville is worth checking out if you’re looking for a challenging and engaging game.

Continue reading to discover who did it in the Vaudeville game and improve the gaming room aesthetic.
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