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Alan Wake 2 Bright Falls Stash: Location Guide

In Alan Wake 2, players can find various stashes in Bright Falls that contain various loot in them.

Furthermore, certain stashes contain items that can help them progress through the game more easily.

In Alan Wake 2, Bright Falls contains a total of nine stashes that players can search for. Each stash has its requirements for the players to fulfill to access them. Thus, players must put in quite the effort to obtain the items inside the stashes.

This article discusses the Bright Falls stash and their location in Alan Wake 2.

What Are Cult Stashes In Alan Wake 2?

Cult stashes are various chests in the game that can contain different items inside them.

You can find these stashes in various areas of the game which contain loot to help them progress.

However, if you want to access the stashes, there are specific mechanics that you must interact with.

These mechanics usually are various codes, equations, and sometimes just keys you must decipher or find.

Thus, whenever you find a new cult stash, you must first learn about the requirements to access the stash.

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Location Of Cult Stash In Bright Falls Alan Wake 2

In Alan Wake 2, you can find multiple stashes in the same area.

Thus, this can be an excellent method to not only explore the various areas of the game but also get some great loot.

Here is a list of locations of the cult stash in Bright Falls in Alan Wake 2:

1. Stash 1

You can find the first stash right behind the Sheriff’s station in Bright Falls.

Likewise, you must first head southeast of the Sheriff’s station in Bright Falls.

Here, you will find the stash inside a small fenced-in yard.

stash 1 bright falls alan wake 2
The first cult stash is behind the Sheriff’s station.

You must interact with the Work log attached to the stash to complete the riddle for the stash.

However, if you do not want to go through the hassle of solving the riddle, the solution to the riddle is below.

Solution to the riddle:  Two triangles next to one another pointing up, two triangles pointing away from one another and lastly, two triangles stacked on top of one another pointing up.

2. Stash 2

The second stash is near the location of the first stash; all you need to do is head to the Sheriff’s Station.

You will find the stash in the Evidence Room in the basement of the Sheriff’s Station.

To gain access to the evidence room, you must obtain the Bolt Cutter.

Correspondingly, after you obtain the bolt cutter, you can easily access the area.

stash 2 alan wake 2 bright falls
The second stash is inside the evidence room in the Sheriff’s station.

After you find the stash, you will see a puzzle to gain access to the stash.

The clue contains lines and polygons, and you can decipher the combination for the stash using the line on the clue.

Here is the solution to the puzzle: 1-4-6 

3. Stash 3

You can find the third stash inside a small storage building on the pier southeast of the Elderwoord Palace Lodge.

Similarly, you must obtain the Boltcutter to cut the lock to the gate of the building to access the small storage.

stash 3 alan wake 2 bright falls
The third stash is near the Elderwood Palace Lodge.

The stash requires you to input a lock combination to access it.

The clues to the lock combination are all around the blockades surrounding the pier.

After you get all the combinations’ numbers, you must input the correct order to unlock the stash.

Here is the solution to the lock combination: 697

4. Stash 4

You can find the fourth stash in an Abandoned truck outside Bright Falls.

Furthermore, the area is east of Valhalla Nursing Home where you will find an abandoned pickup truck.

stash 4 alan wake 2 bright falls
The fourth stash is in an abandoned truck in Valhalla nursing home.

You can find the stash in the bed of a pickup truck. After you find the stash, the clue to opening the stash is a tricky match riddle.

Here is the solution to the riddle: 177

5. Stash 5

The fifth stash is in the ranger’s cabin in the forest outside Bright Falls.

You must first reach the woods southeast of the Wellness Center and northwest of the Ranger Station.

After heading that way, you will come across a raised area.

stash 5 alana wake 2 bright falls
The fifth stash is in the ranger’s cabin near the Wellness center.

There are three Taken in the area, thus, you must be vigilant about them.

You must find a key to open the stash. The clue is on a picture in the area where Santa Claus is climbing the chimney, and the arrow is pointing towards the Chimney.

Location of the key: Right behind the Ranger station to the southeast, a key is lying on the ground near the base of its chimney.

6. Stash 6

The sixth stash is next to the White hauling truck outside the Elderwood Palace lodge.

Furthermore, unlike other stashes, the lock for the stash is a Memory lock.

Thus, you must simply remember the pattern of the lights to the lock to unlock the stash.

stash 6 hauling truck location
The sixth stash is in a hauling truck outside Elderwood Palace Lodge.

 7. Stash 7

The seventh stash is northwest of the Break Room, west of Bunker Woods in Watery.

Similar to the previous stash, this one is also a form of Memory lock.

You must input the sequence of the lights that appear after they examine it.

stash 7 location
The seventh stash is near Bunker Woods in Watery.

8. Stash 8

You can find the eighth stash in the woods southwest of Valhalla Nursing Home.

After entering the area, right off the beaten path, you will notice yellow arrow trees.

Then, if you open their flashlight, it will lead them to the stash.

You will find the stash behind a large rock with arrows painted on it.

However, you must find the key to access the stash.

Moreover, you can find the key near a rock with white arrows pointing towards it.

stash 8 location
The eighth stash is in the woods near the Valhalla Nursing Home.

9. Stash 9

The last stash in Bright Falls is the woods south of the Wellness center and northeast of the Break Room.

After you reach the area, you will notice some yellow arrows on the trees.

You can activate your flashlight to show you the path to the stash. You will find the stash near the tree in the area.

stash 9 alan wake 2 bright falls
The final stash is in the woods south of the Wellness center.

To open the stash, you must complete a puzzle with various symbols.

You can find the correct symbols by exploring the area and applying them to the stash lock.

Correct symbols for the lock: The first symbol is two triangles, one pointed left and the other pointer right, the second symbol is two triangles pointing down, and the third is an hourglass.

The Bottom Line

In Bright Falls, you can find a total of nine stashes that can contain supplies and even items for later stages of the game.

Thus, it is a great way to stock up on various supplies and progress the story.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in finding all the stashes in Bright Falls in Alan Wake 2.

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