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What Is Alan Wake 2 Echo Police Car?

In Alan Wake 2, there are several chapters with several challenges and goals.;

Initiation 2 Casey is a walkthrough and second chapter in the game where players must explore the Dark Place.;

While escaping from the Dark Place, players must use several vehicles and cabs. They replace a cab with a police car, and the sirens attract nearby shadow people.

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Alan Wake 2 Echo Police Car: An Overview

Police cars are fast and durable vehicles equipped with sirens that you can activate by pressing a button on the steering wheel.

Additionally, they have a radio that can play music and broadcast news related to the game’s story.

In Alan Wake 2, players can encounter Echo Police Car in the Initiation 2: Casey chapter.

During the walkthrough, Alan got the vision of a cab and went towards it in the Caldera Street Station.;

There he will activate the Angel Lamp, and it will transform the vehicle into a police car.

Furthermore, once the light is active, lots of Taken Shades are attracted to you, and you must defeat them.;

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How To Complete Initiation 2: Casey Chapter?

In Initiation 2: Casey In Alan Wake 2, you have to use the power of light to navigate the dark and twisted subway tunnels.

Additionally, it is Alan Wake’s story where he tries to escape from the Dark Place.

Here are the steps to follow to complete this walkthrough:

  1. You must enter the Caldera Street Station.
Caldera Street Station
Caldera Street Station is a location.
  1. Find the subway entrance by transferring light from an alleyway to a street lamp near the station sign.
  2. Enter Caldera Street Station and use your flashlight and gun to fight off the Taken enemies that attack you.
  3. Search for the cult by following the yellow arrows and echoes that lead you to different rooms and platforms in the station.
  4. You must destroy the Darkness Nodes with your flashlight, and it will reveal the way forward.
  5. Furthermore, moving forward, you will see the yellow taxi.
alan wake 2 echo police car
Yellow Taxi in the Caldera Street Station.
  1. Now, you must take the light from the Taxi using the Angel Lamp. It will replace the taxi with the Police car.
Alan Wake 2 Echo Police Car
A yellow taxi is converted into a police car.
  1. Additionally, doing so will activate the siren, which will attract lots of shadow enemies.
  2. Players have to defeat those enemies to move forward.
Shadow enemies
Shadow enemies will come towards you.
  1. You can take the light you placed near the stairs earlier.
  2. Now, place a light near the subway entrance and another light downstairs in the subway station.
  3. Then, use the subway pass to enter the station and use the ticket to open the gate.
  4. You can activate the echo to get the Missing FBI Agent Plot and remember to stand at the right angle to activate the echo.
  5. Similarly, you must follow the Blood trail.
  6. Find a way to the collapsed tunnel using a plot element to create a hole in the wall.
  7. Explore the Derailed train and find another plot element that lets you switch lights in the flooded tunnels.
alan wake 2 echo police car
You will find the Derailed train.
  1. Reach the End of the Line and find the murder scene, where you will see a shocking revelation.
  2. Return to the Collapsed Tunnel and use another plot element to bridge the gap.
  3. Enter Initiation 3: Haunted, where you will face more dangers and puzzles in the Dark Place.
Initiation 3: Haunted
You can go to Initiation 3: Haunted.

The Bottom Line

In Alan Wake 2, players can find several vehicles while exploring the stations.

In Initiation 2: Casey chapter in Alan Wake 2, players must use the light to escape from the Dark Place and encounter the Echo Police Car.

Moreover, players can progress to the next chapter after completing this one, facing more challenges and mysteries in the Dark Place.

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