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Alan Wake 2: Discover The Circuit Board

In Alan Wake 2, players must find the location to get their hands on the circuit board to investigate the Parade Float.

Similarly, most players are desperately searching for the elusive circuit board in the dark and mysterious world of Alan Wake 2.

In Alan Wake 2, players must retrieve the circuit board utilizing the Expresso Express ride in the Coffee World Parade Float to complete the quest.

Continue reading to find more about the Circuit Board in Alan Wake 2.

What Is A Circuit Board? 

Before you embark on the quest to find the Circuit Board inside the game, it is necessary to understand a circuit board.

In the real world, circuit boards are the vital components of electronic devices, serving as the vital foundation.

Likewise, in this game, the circuit board holds a similar purpose, often functioning as a critical item.

Moreover, players must search for the circuit board to unlock new paths, activate other devices and progress through the storyline.

Before that, players must go through several steps to get their hands on the Circuit Board.

As this guide progresses, it will lead players through the intricate steps required to secure this essential game item.

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Circuit Board: Finding The Essential Element 

Before the player starts to search for the circuit board, they must first locate an essential item: the Fuse.

After acquiring the fuse, players can activate the Expresso Express ride to find the way to the circuit board.

Similarly, players can start their quest to find the fuse with a visit to a mysterious Kalevala Knights Workshop.

Kalevala Knights Workshop
Players must enter the Kalevala Knights Workshop to get the Fuse.

Upon reaching this enigmatic workshop, the elusive fuse can be found within the workshop’s backroom.

However, it is not an easy job to access the backroom as the door guarding the backroom is locked.

This back room is secured with a unique lock featuring three spinning discs, each decorated with Cult of Tree symbols.

Following that, it is another challenge for players to unlock the intricate code of the door lock.

Next, you have to head to the southeast corner of the workshop and locate the massive coffee cup.

Similarly, place yourself between the sculpture and the wall and look at the unfinished frames at the room’s center.

These frames provide the three cult symbols necessary to access the backroom.

Immediately, you should unlock the backroom of the Kalevala Knights Workshop to find the fuse on a table.

Circuit Board: Using Espresso Express Ride

After you successfully retrieve the fuse from the Kalevala Knights Workshop, head to the Espresso Express Ride.

After you reach the Espresso Express Ride, you have to add a fuse to it to begin your adventure.

Express Expressso Arc
Players must enter the Arc of the Express Expresso to find the Circuit Board.

Next, you must locate the fusebox near the Espresso Express ride and carefully insert the fuse.

Subsequently, after you insert the fuse into the Expresso Express ride, you can now ignite the ride.

Upon igniting, you can now seize control of it and begin the journey.

Moreover, players have to be experts while maneuvering the ride because they have to stop it at precisely the right moment.

Right then, successfully stopping the Espresso Express will grant you access to the inner workings of the Espresso Express.

Watching the Ride In Alan Wake 2
Players must stop the Ride at a fixed position to access the circuit board.

As you begin your journey, you will descend into the complex way that leads to the Circuit Board.

Finally, after exploring the depths of the ride and following the path, you will eventually encounter the Circuit Board.

Thus you have to take Circuit Board in your possession, which is a significant milestone in Alan Wake 2.

Circuit Board In Alan Wake 2
Players can find the Circuit Board after they descend from the Ride area.

Completing this quest is significant; however, you must be prepared for many challenging quests.

The Bottom Line

The mysterious world of Alan Wake 2 offers a unique storyline and challenging gameplay.

The Quest to locate the Circuit Board within the Coffee World Parade Float is one example of this.

In summary, players have to acquire the fuse before they can ignite the Expresso ride to find the Circuit Board.

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