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Alan Wake 2 Collapsed Tunnel: A Complete Guide

The Collapsed Tunnel in Alan Wake 2 is a part of the main quests and a puzzle that players must complete to uncover new stories.

Furthermore, similar to other stories, the area is one of many areas that players must explore.

Players will uncover various mysteries within the collapsed tunnel in Alan Wake 2. One of the mysteries they will uncover is about the missing FBI agent, and they can even find a ritual site within the area.
This article discusses the collapsed tunnel in Alan Wake 2.

What Is The Collapsed Tunnel In Alan Wake 2?

In Alan Wake 2, there are multiple puzzles that players must complete to uncover the secrets of the game.

Among the many puzzles in the game, one of the puzzles is “Initiation 2: Casey.”

The puzzle contains multiple layers, and players must progress through each layer to access the other layer.

In the “Initiation 2” puzzle, the players must find the subway and then progress through the puzzle.

The puzzle ends after the players return to the collapsed tunnel and then progress to another part of the Initiation storyline.

After completing the entire Initiation puzzle storyline, players can obtain various rewards and progress through the story.

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How To Complete The Collapsed Tunnel In Alan Wake 2?

Players must go through a few other areas before entering the collapsed tunnel.

However, after entering the collapsed tunnel, it is pretty simple to complete.

Here is a step-by-step guide to complete the collapsed tunnel in Alan Wake 2:

1. Complete The Previous Areas

The first step is to complete all the previous areas that come before entering the collapsed tunnel.

This is mandatory because these areas will give the players overall information about the storyline.

Furthermore, the previous areas will also allow players to expand the plot of the areas.

2. Enter The Collapsed Tunnel

After completing the search for the cult portion of the storyline.

You will come across an abandoned subway train carriage. Enter the carriage, and then you will emerge into the collapsed tunnel.

After entering the tunnel, head to the marked location. Here you will unlock a new scene, “Collapsed Tunnel.”

Then, open the plot board and add “Missing FBI agent to the scene.”

new scene collapsed tunnel alan wake 2
Interact with blood splatter in the collapsed tunnel to get a new scene.

You will notice multiple number markers interact with the marker with the number “9” on it.

Then, a scene will play out detailing the story of the missing FBI agent.

3. Leave The Collapsed Tunnel

After the scene ends, turn to your right. Here, you will find a doorway.

Head out of the collapsed tunnel through the doorway. This doorway will lead you deeper into the subway.

Then, take a right and head down a long hallway until you turn a corner.

murder cult plot in collapsed tunnel
Obtain the murder cult plot after interacting with light in the tunnel.

Further, head into the room, and you will find lockers containing a battery pack and more bullets.

In the same room, you can also take the light and then watch the echo to gain a new Plot Element, “Murder Cult.”

4. Head Back To The Collapsed Tunnel

After you obtain the plot element, head back to the collapsed tunnel once more.

Then, go into the doorway with a flickering light. You will find the doorway on your right.

After you enter the doorway, transfer the light and continue to the next area.

As you progress through the area, you will hear some ominous humming from the doorway on your right.

However, before you enter the doorway, make sure to open the lockers in the hallway, which contain various battery packs and bullets.

Then, head inside the doorway and on your right, you will find a stairway. Up the stairs, you will meet Sheriff Breaker.

sheriff breaker collapsed tunnel alan wake 2
Meet Sheriff Breaker before the next plotline.

Interact with the sheriff, exhaust all his dialogues, and then head back to the main path.

Here, a shadow will attack you. You can defeat it and then head up the stairs behind it.

After you go up the stairs, you will find a safe room and also obtain the Murder site videotape automatically.

Then, you can also interact with the lockers in the room containing various items.

Once you obtain all the items, you can climb the ladder in the safe room, giving you the next portion of the puzzle.

derailed train scene after collapsed tunnel
After completing the collapsed tunnel scene a new scene will open up.

Here, you’ll see the “Derailed Train” scene. From here on, you have more areas to go through to complete the storyline.

The Bottom Line

The Alan Wake 2 game consists of various mysteries for the players to uncover. 

New players may find some mechanics unfamiliar but can quickly uncover the story’s secrets once they play the game.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in completing the plotline in the collapsed tunnel in Alan Wake 2.

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