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Alan Wake 2: Decipher Lady Fortuna Code

In Alan Wake 2, players have to decode the mysterious lady Fortuna code to obtain the Sawed-Off Shotgun.

Thus, players should prioritize collecting powerful weapons to encounter formidable adversaries.

In the mysterious world of Alan Wake 2, players can unlock the Sawed-off by deciphering the enigmatic Lady Fortuna code, which is 739.

In article, we will explore everything about the Lady Fortuna Code in Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2: An Overview Of The Lady Fortuna Trail

You must decode the Lady Fortuna Code to access the Sawed-off shotgun.

Your adventure starts within the confines of the Cauldron Lake General Store, which seems abandoned.

General Store
Players can find the General Store in Cauldron Lake.

Similarly, after you enter the General store, one mysterious character will attack you out of nowhere.

It would help if you beat that opponent to move forward in this mysterious location.

You can see a shotgun framed in a wall as you venture deeper.

Moreover, you will see a note below the Shotgun stating, “Check with Lady Fortuna at the counter.”

Note to Check with Lady Fortuna
Upon reaching the Shotgun, players will find the note.

Besides that, after having this information, you can step onto the path of unraveling one of the mysterious puzzles.

This is the first clue to unlock the Shotgun’s combination lock: reach towards the counter in the following room.

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Lady Fortuna Code: Key To The Shotgun

Upon reaching the counter, players can find the Notepad, lotto card and a rolodex next to the United States Flag.

The Rolodex is enticing, however, the main clue to solve the puzzle is found in the notepad and lotto card.

Notepad with Lady Fortuna Code in Alan wake 2
Players can decipher the code using a Lotto card and Notepad.

Similarly, players must check the numbers inside the Notepad and the lotto card to crack the code.

Players can witness the no. 705, 713, 717, and 723 crossed in the Notepad and found the lotto card.

There, they can find the lotto numbers like 05, 13, 17, 12, 39, and 45 written on the card.

Since some numbers from lotto numbers represent the older codes, the code must be between 12,39 and 45.

Since all numbers in the crossed Notepad start with 7, the first number to the Lady Fortuna code is 7.

Deciphering Lady Fortuna Code
Entering the code 739 to unlock the shotgun.

Therefore, by comparing the Notepad and the available lotto numbers, the player can find that Lady Fortuna’s code is 739.

Next, players must return to the shotgun and unlock the Sawed-off with the 739 code.

The Sawed-Off Shotgun: A Powerful Weapon In Alan Wake 2

After deciphering the Lady Fortuna code in Alan Wake 2, you are now prepared to harness the tremendous power of Shotgun.

Shotgun is a game changer while battling the fierce opponent in close range.

Sawed-off Shotgun offers exceptional crowd control in close range, especially after using the Flashlight Boost.

Disorienting the enemies with the powerful Flashlight Boost and terminating them in one shot using Shotgun is a great combo.

Similarly, the Shotgun is an excellent asset; it comes in handy during the battle against supernatural adversaries.

Acquiring Shot Gun
The player gets access to the Sawed-off after unlocking the code.

Moreover, this weapon can deliver swift and devastating damage to the opponent, which makes it even more intimidating.

Besides that, this Shotgun is proficient when dealing with fast and aggressive enemies, and it effectively neutralizes the threat.

Its raw power is tremendous; however, players must strategize its use, as it comes with the drawback of slow reload speed.

Thus, players must be prepared for the moments when they are out of the bullets and wait for the gun to reload.

The Bottom Line

In Alan 2, players must unlock the formidable weapon, Sawed-off Shotgun, by solving the Lady Fortuna code.

Players can find the clue to the code in the dangerous realm of the General Store in Cauldron Lake, hidden in a lotto card.

After acquiring the Shotgun, you can harness the power of the Sawed-off and use it against taken.

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