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Have No Charges In Alan Wake 2? Get More

Having low or no charges is among the major issues in Alan Wake 2.

Due to this, players will have difficulty exploring or extracting different locations.

The best way to get more charges in Alan Wake is by searching the Stashes or chests, exploring Brightfalls, completing quests and looting enemies. To save the charges, use the flashlight when necessary and avoid using the boosts.

Continue reading about the no charges issue and the tips to get more charges in Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 No Charges: Overview

Alan Wake is a dark fantasy survival game with mysterious creatures and locations.

Thus, while progressing through the missions or wandering through the dark, players will need special equipment.

One of the essential items to increase visibility and traverse through nighttime is Flashlight. 

The flashlight can be handy when finding other exclusive items or going through the chest.

In addition, the Flashlight charge also removes the bunch of poltergeists from the area.

alan wake 2 no charges
Use the Flashlight charges to remove poltergeists.

Unfortunately,  the Flashlight runs on battery charges; hence players must be careful using the item.

The charges have the same mechanics as the ammo, so players must collect plenty for survival.

Moreover, the battery will automatically recharge in a period of time.

How To Get More Charges In Alan Wake?

To get more charges if players are low on the Flashlight Batteries, follow the given steps;

1. Open Stash

The stashes in Alan’s wake are found in plenty of locations with items including a propane tank, ammo and arrows.

Players can find stashes in Watery Lighthouse, Bright Falls and Cauldron Lake.

If players are lucky, they will get the battery to charge the flashlight for increased visualization.

2. Check Corpses

If players run off the battery charge, they should gradually check all the corpses while progressing.

If players beat a stricter enemy, the chances of getting more items are higher.

For that, players need a decent build with great weapons and exclusive items.

3. Scan The Environment

Another way to get more batteries to eliminate the no-charges issue is by scanning different locations, including Bright Falls.

Players will find handy items, including the battery, while engaging in quests, searching the buildings or wandering through the jungle.

During the exploration, players will definitely stumble upon the batteries to charge the Flashlight in Alan Wake 2.

Tips To Avoid No Charges Issue

There are plenty of ways players can save the battery charges for future events, including;

1. Use Light When Necessary

While exploring the Dark location in Alan Wake 2, the flashlight will automatically turn on.

Alan wake 2 flashlight
Turn off the flashlight to avoid charge issues.

The continuous lighting can result in low charge over a period. 

To avoid the issue, players should manually turn off the flashlight in an environment with low needs and fewer threats.

2. Using Light Boost Carefully

The Light boosts can assist players in breaking the enemy’s shield or stunning them and have a significant advantage.

However, the boost will drain the battery faster and cost one battery charge at a time.

So, players must focus on saving the batteries for long-term usage rather than wasting them when there are enough armories.

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The Bottom Line

The Flashlight charges are among the essential items in Alank Wake 2 that can assist players throughout the journey in dark locations.

Moreover, players can even increase the charge for Alan and Sara by claiming the charms by completing the quests.

However, players should use the item carefully, turn it off where there is no danger and use the boosts conveniently.

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