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Lies Of P Auto Charge Pulse When Discharged

In the world of Lies of P, Pulse Cells are your key to restoring health.

With four of these life-savers in your inventory, each can revive your health once.

However, once they’re used up, they go into a discharged state, waiting to be recharged.

To auto-charge Pulse Cells when discharged in Lies of P, you must upgrade your P-Organ with the “Auto Charge Pulse with Discharged” ability, allowing these health-restoring items to recharge automatically between battles.

This article will discuss how to auto-charge pulse cells when discharged in Lies of P.

What Are Pulse Cells In Lies Of P?

In the world of Lies of P, Pulse Cells take center stage as valuable consumable items.

These items are crucial to replenish a player’s health points (HP) when needed most.

Starting their journey with four Pulse Cells, players can utilize each of them for a one-time HP restoration.

These precious Pulse Cells are conveniently tracked in the player’s inventory.

Additionally, you can employ them during intense combat scenarios.

However, once a Pulse Cell is depleted, it enters a “discharged” state, patiently awaiting its turn to be recharged.

How To Recharge Pulse Cells?

Recharging Pulse Cells in Lies of P presents players with a couple of diverse approaches.

The first method involves the dynamic act of dealing damage to adversaries during battle.

When a Pulse Cell exhausts its uses, any harm inflicted upon foes gradually begins the process of recharging the Pulse Cell.

Players will keenly observe the Pulse Cell gauge in their inventory filling up as they launch their attacks.

Once fully rejuvenated, the Pulse Cell is ready once more to restore HP with a touch of a button.

Another alternative for recharging Pulse Cells is interacting with entities known as Stargazers scattered throughout the world of Lies of P.

These environmental objects can instantly restore a discharged Pulse Cell to its maximum usage capacity.

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Can Pulse Cells Auto Charge When Discharged In Lies Of P?

While Pulse Cells naturally recharge through combat, Lies of P can automate this process.

This convenient feature comes courtesy of specific upgrades to the P-Organ abilities, known as Auto Charge Pulse when Discharged.

This passive ability ensures that empty Pulse Cells gradually replenish themselves, even when players are not actively clashing with enemies.

Therefore, say goodbye to the hassle of manually dealing damage to recharge Pulse Cells between fights.

Activating the Auto Charge Pulse with Discharged ability requires an investment of Quartz into upgrading the P-Organ.

Players can purchase various special abilities and enhancements using the Quartz currency in this intricate system.

By navigating to the Survival section of the P-Organ upgrade tree, players can unlock abilities that enhance Pulse Cells.

quartz pulse cells
Activating the Auto Charge Pulse with Discharged ability requires an investment of Quartz.

In particular, the Pulse Cell Recovery 1 and Auto Charge Pulse when Discharged upgrades provide the coveted passive recharging function.

With a sufficient Quartz investment, you can set Pulse Cells to recharge whenever they run out automatically.

This allows players to explore without worrying about their Pulse Cell status.

Expanding Pulse Cell Capacity

Beyond the convenience of autocharging, players can expand the maximum usage capacity of each Pulse Cell.

As players conquer significant story bosses in Lies of P, they are occasionally rewarded with an additional Pulse Cell use.

Additionally, further upgrades available in the P-Organ offer more Pulse Cell uses through the increase in Pulse Cells 1-3 abilities.

Minor Survival perks like Increase Pulse Cells 3-5 provide even more substantial boosts.

auto charge pulse
As players conquer significant story bosses in Lies of P, they are occasionally rewarded with an additional Pulse Cell use.

With careful investment, players can increase their Pulse Cell capacity over time.

This ensures they are ready for any challenge that lies ahead.

The Bottom Line

Effective management and recharging of Pulse Cells play a pivotal role in combat and survival in the world of Lies of P.

The invaluable Auto Charge Pulse with Discharged ability offers a convenient means of passive recharging.

This allows players to focus on exploration without interruption.

Happy Gaming!

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