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Alan Wake 2 Pump Action: Location And Code Clue

Pump Action is one of the exclusive weapons in the Alan Wake 2.

The shotgun can come in handy to enhance the firepower and have an advantage while exploring the mysterious areas.

The Pump Action is a shotgun found in the Return 6 Scratch in the Tim Breaker’s Room, Sherrif’s Station. The code that grants access to the weapon is 723. Another way to find the shotgun is by sticking to Return 2 The Heart, whose code is 739.

Continue reading to explore the Pump Action shotgun and its location in Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 Pump Action: Overview 

The pump action is the shotgun players can find in the Chapter: Return 6 Scratch.

Moreover, the weapon is found on the Upper Floor of the Sherrif’s Tim Breaker in the Bright Falls Sherrif  Station.

On just the left side of the wall, players will find a transparent case with a black and brown-themed gun.

However, players must complete a few sub-events, grab a key and solve the puzzle to grab the shotgun.

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Pump Action Location In Alan Wake 2

To reach the Pump-action shotgun’s location in Alan Wake 2, players need to follow the procedure;

1. Reach The Sherrif’s Station

Players can get their hands on the shotgun only after reaching the Scratch chapter and heading to Sherrif’s Station. 

In the Station, players should grab the Sherrif’s Station Keys from Estevez, the lady cop beside the conference room.

Bright Falls Sherrif  Station
Get the Sheriff’s Station from Keys from Estevex.

2. Head To Sheriff’s Tim Breaker 

After getting the keys from Estevex, players need to head straight and find Sheriff Tim Breaker’s room.

In addition, players can make the best use of the map, reach the second floor and search for the washroom to get to the Breaker fast.

To progress through the room, players need to go past the locked door, which is accessible from the Sherrif’s Station keys.

3. Solve Pump Action Riddle

After entering the Tim Breaker, players will see the Gun hanging on the briefcase on the wall.

alan wake 2 Pump action
Head inside the room to find the Pump-action gun.

Unfortunatley, players cannot access the gun without solving the puzzle by entering the exact lock code.

The code clue reflects the number three book series based on the UFO in the room.

Moreover, If players go through the book and see the Aunthor’s surname, they can find a possible hint.

All the author’s surname in the tri-series reflects the code numbers on the lock.

If players enter the number 723 in a sequence, they can get the gun.

Alternate Way To Get Pump Action In Alan Wake 2

Many players have missed an opportunity to get Saga’s Shotgun while progressing through Return 2 The Heart in Alan Wake 2.

If players follow the storyline and head to the Cauldron Lake general store, a deer will approach them.

Later, players should beat the approaching enemy and enter the room the enemy came out from.

Over there, players will find a case with the Pump Action gun, but it is locked off.

Thankfully, players will find the clue on the paper, which suggests players need to search for Lady Fortuna’s counter.

Return 2 The Heart
Head to Lady Fortuna’s counter and analyze the number patterns.

Moreover, players will have to figure out the pattern of the old codes to get themselves a new one.

If players analyze the numbers and pattern, the beginning number is always seven, and the last two numbers are 3 and 9.

Finally, players should head towards the lock and enter the code 739 to grab the shotgun.

Bright Falls Sherrif  Station code
Enter the code 739 to get the gun.

The Bottom Line

The Pump Action is a powerful shotgun that deals explosive damage in the short range and even kills enemies in the mid-range.

Thankfully, there are multiple ways to get the gun including the Scratch and The Return mission for the players who have missed it prior.

Hopefully, players can find the Saga’s gun in the upcoming chapters if they have already progressed through both missions.

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