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All About Words Of Power Bug In Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 is encountering various bugs in the game, and the words of power is one of them.

This bug has affected both the PC and console players, hampering the gaming community.

The words of power bug have many variations in Alan Wake 2, as it can reduce the number of upgrade points, health gain percentage, etc.

Continue reading this article to learn everything related to this bug.

What Is Words Of Power In Alan Wake 2?

Words of Power is an upgrade mechanic in Alan Wake 2, which comes in the form of glyphs.

These glyphs help to enhance the in-game stat of the character, like increasing the health, reducing reload time, etc.

To find these glyphs, players must use their flashlight and follow the glowing arrows.

The glyphs are not hard to miss as they glow in a bright yellow color with a circular shape.

Representation Of Words Of Power In Alan Wake 2
Representation Of Words Of Power In Alan Wake 2.

However, note that they will be only marked as discovered after pointing the flashlight on it.

Additionally, these glyphs are hidden throughout the map and require a bit of intuition to locate them.

In total, there are seven glyph categories in the game, with three perks each.

Also, note that possessing a glyph of one category will accumulate an upgrade point for that category.

Thus, players must be careful about which perks they want to use for their desired build.

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Words Of Power Bugs In Alan Wake 2

Words of Power gives upgrade points to the players, which can be used to increase a stat of a category permanently.

Additionally, there are three upto levels for each perk in the game which players can upgrade.

However, the Words Of Power Bug denies players from upgrading these perks even if they have upgrade points.

It occurs in the upgrade procedure where players cannot interact with the perk bubbles.

Moment When The Words Of Power Bug Occurs In Alan Wake 2
Moment When The Words Of Power Bug Occurs In Alan Wake 2.

Some players have also mentioned a reduction in upgrade points after quickloading the game.

While others have claimed that they can’t even claim the words of power through glyphs.

This is a bug in the game mechanism itself, as the introduction to the glyphs puzzle is a unique one.

Because of these reasons, players have complained about this bug in the Alan Wake subreddit threads.

The comments in this thread portray the fact that this bug also occurs for console players.

Nevertheless, this issue is causing players much distress as they cannot upgrade their stats in the game.

In summary, these issues obstruct an efficient gaming experience for players.

Is There A Way To Bypass This Bug?

There is no mention of an official way to bypass this bug.

Some players online have mentioned that it might be fixed after restarting the game.

Furthermore, some users claim that quicksaving and quickloading the game will fix this issue.

Save Menu Sceen In Alan Wake 2
Save Menu Sceen in Alan Wake 2.

However, it can also be seen that this procedure is not working for everyone. 

Additionally, there are no mentions of this issue in the threads from the developer’s side.

It means that it is very likely that they are currently working to fix this issue.

However, the exact date for when this bug might be fixed is a topic of the future.

The Bottom Line

Since Alan Wake is a very recent game, it is bound to encounter some bugs as it operates in its earlier versions.

However, given the popularity of Alan Wake 2 in the gaming community, it is very likely that this problem will be solved very soon.

Until then, players can disable the cloud sync feature, verify the game files, or use a mod that restores the missing words of power.

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