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Is Alan Wake Coming As A Guest Character In Tekken 8?

Among various guest characters’ names, players wonder if Alan Wake is coming in Tekken 8.

After the official announcement of Eddie, fans are predicting several characters from movies, series, and games as guests in Tekken 8.

Fans are expecting Tekken 8 to bring characters with spy skills, ninja moves, Yakuza style, demonic power, intellectual powers, etc.

Hence, bringing different types of power can make Tekken 8 different from other fighting games.

Continue reading to find out more about Alan Wake coming as a guest character in Tekken 8.

What To Expect From Alan Wake In Tekken 8?

Alan Wake is the main character in the Alan Wake video game series.

He is a well-known writer known for creating suspenseful horror, mystery, and thriller novels.

In the game, he goes to Bright Falls with his wife, Alice, hoping for a relaxing vacation.

However, Alice goes missing which leads Alan on a quest to find her while battling a mysterious dark force.

Players get to play the role of Alan Wake in the game, where he must reveal the mysteries of Bright Falls.

Thus, Alan Wake takes you to explore the elements of mystery, horror, and psychological thriller in the game.

Alan Wake’s Intellectual Power In Tekken 8

Fans are also imagining what if Alan Wake, the character from a psychological horror game also join the Tekken 8.

Players love the in-game character Alan Wake for his intellectual nature, which is why his presence in Tekken 8 can be interesting.

Furthermore, the storyline of Alan Wake keeps players eager to uncover all the mysteries hiding in the bright falls.

Fans also love the well-crafted character of Alan Wake, so bringing him to Tekken 8 is a fun idea.

Alan wake coming in Tekken 8 or not
Alan Wake as a guest character in Tekken 8 can bring a unique fighting style and emotional connection to the storyline.

Alan Wake has a unique fighting style as he uses his literary background by writing skills to do special moves.

So the idea of bringing him as a guest character in Tekken 8 can make the fight more creative and thoughtful.

However, there is no official announcement for his presence in Tekken 8.

Alan Wake Can Bring Emotional Bond To Tekken 8

Alan Wake is such an in-game character whose struggles, flaws, and journeys throughout the storyline resonate with players.

He is successful at building a connection with the players and creating an emotional bond throughout his story.

Thus, the idea of Alan Wake as a guest character in Tekken 8 can add an emotional connection to the storyline.

Even though it’s just a fun idea, these mixes of characters can make Tekken 8 more interesting and different.

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Guest Characters In Tekken 8 Predictions

In Tekken 8, the upcoming guest characters in the game’s storyline have been a hot topic of discussion among fans.

Fans are talking a lot about bringing in characters from movies, games, and series as special guests in Tekken 8.

As of now, there is no official confirmation about the names of the guest characters in Tekken 8.

Tekken 8 guest characters
Fans are guessing guest characters like Solid Snake, Ryu Hayabusa, Kazuma Kiryu, Dante, etc. in Tekken 8.

However, the names of these game’s characters are completely based on fans’s predictions and wishlists.

Since Eddie is already confirmed as the first DLC character, fans are excited and guessing who else might join the game.

1. Solid Snake From Metal Gear 

Solid Snake is a popular choice among fans for Tekken 8 from the Metal Gear Series.

Furthermore, the snake is well known for his sneaky moves and smart strategies who can be an excellent spy in Tekken.

Even though Solid Snake is already featured in Smash Bros, the thrill of watching Snake’s CQC skills in Tekken’s hand-to-hand combat is exciting.

2. Ryu Hayabusa From Dead Or Alive

Ryu Hayabusa, a character from Dead or Alive, can also be one of the guest characters in Tekken 8.

As a skilled ninja, his smooth fighting styles and unique moves can fit well in Tekken’s energetic battles.

3. Kazuma Kiryu From Yakuza 

Fans are hoping for Kazuma Kiryu from the Yakuza series to come as a guest character in Tekken 8.

Furthermore, he is well known for his epic battling skills and charismatic personality.

His powerful fist-fighting style could make him a strong contender to take on toe to toe battle with Tekken’s best fighters.

4. Dante From Devil May Cry

Dante a character from the Devil May Cry series stands out as a character for having versatile combat styles.

He is already featured in other fighting games like Marvel vs. Capcom, which shows that he can adapt to different game styles.

Furthermore, Dante’s demonic powers and weapon skills could make him a strong guest character in Tekken 8.

The idea of Dante interacting with other devilish characters like Jin and Kazuya makes it even more exciting to consider.

5. Chuck Norris From Walker

Thinking about Chuck Norris from Walker, Texas Ranger in Tekken 8 might sound funny, but it could be cool.

Since Paul Phoenix already kind of looks like Chuck Norris, they could create a version of him with a cool karate fighting style.

If they make Chuck Norris fight kind of like Paul Phoenix, but with a different karate style, it could be entertaining.

This funny idea could bring a fun surprise to Tekken 8, similar to when Negan showed up in Tekken 7.

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