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Starfield Broken Switch: How To Deal With It?

In the sci-fi role-playing game Starfield by Bethesda, players can travel through a vast and varied galaxy full of planets, factions, and mysteries.

However, Starfield has its share of problems and glitches that can detract from the action, just like any complicated game.

A broken switch in Starfield is one of the most common and frustrating bugs players have encountered.

Continue reading to discover more about the broken switch in Starfield and the consequences of touching it.

What Is Broken Switch In Starfield?

The Surgical Strike task includes fixing the broken switch in the abandoned asteroid mine.

It is in a space that has a green door. You’ll need to track down Maya Cruz, a First Renegade agent, and deal with her during this assignment.

The broken switch is near the mine’s entrance, next to a Secure Access door. You will get shocked and lose some health if you touch it.

broken switch starfield
It is hard to open the door at the main entrance of the mine.

You must take these actions to bypass this door:

  • Enter the control room by following the wire attached to the entrance up the ramp.
  • Overcome the robot canine and communicate with the remote security door computer.
  • You can use a Digipick to unlock the computer. First key slot, Second key slot, Third key slot, and Fourth key slot are the answers.
  • When you choose Open Door, the Secure Access door will automatically open.
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Effects Of Broken Switch In Starfield

The broken switch happens when players encounter a switch that should activate or deactivate something.

It includes a bridge, a generator, or a door, but instead does nothing or injures them.

This issue can prohibit players from advancing in some quests or getting to specific locations or things.

For example, a broken switch should open a Secure Access door in the Abandoned Asteroid Mine.

However, it electrocutes the player and leaves the door shut, which is located close to the entrance.

In the quest Alternating Currents, a malfunctioning switch in a junction box should direct power to another junction box but sparks instead and does nothing.

Additionally, you will lose health if you touch the broken switch in the Abandoned Asteroid Mine in Starfield.

This is because the switch is connected to a high-voltage power source that is still active despite the mine being abandoned.

The switch is supposed to open the Secure Access door but is damaged and malfunctioning.

Finding another way to open the door would be best, such as using the Remote Security Door Computer in the control room.

How To Deal With Broken Switch In Starfield?

Various ways exist to resolve or get around the broken switch issue, depending on the situation and switch type.

Here are some of them;

  1. Try again after loading a prior save before coming across the broken switch.
  2. This might work if the issue is brought on by a random error or a corrupted file.
  3. Find a different way to turn on or off the device to which the switch is linked.
  4. This may entail locating a different switch, terminal, code, or key that can replace or work around the damaged one.
  5. Use a console command to skip the bugged objective and move on to the next one.
  6. After finishing the main plot, you can start a new game and relive the task with your current character and gear.

The Bottom Line

Starfield is a sci-fi role-playing game with an issue where some switches do not work as intended.

This issue can prevent players from completing quests or accessing areas or items.

There are different ways to fix or bypass this issue, such as reloading a previous save, waiting for a patch, or finding another way to activate or deactivate the object.

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