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Celery In Dreamlight Valley: Recipes Using This Ingredient

In Dreamlight Valley, cooking ingredients are essential to create various recipes, and Celery is one of them.

Besides being used for cooking, Celery is a useful ingredient that players can sell or gift to villagers.

In Dreamlight Valley Eternity Isle, Celery is a popular vegetable ingredient that players can use to make recipes such as Best Fish Forever, Blend of the Bayou, and Bony Osso Buco.

Continue reading to learn more about Celery and its locations in Dreamlight Valley.

What Is Celery In Dreamlight Valley?

Celery is a new Vegetable ingredient available in the Eternity Isle in the Rift in Time expansion.

Further, players can harvest and yield Celery in different locations.

It takes 10 minutes of growth time for Celery to harvest properly and give 1 Celery stalk.

Players can use Celery along with other ingredients to make recipes.

Celery in Dreamlight Valley
Players can get Celery in Dreamlight Valley by harvesting for purchasing from Goofy’s stall.

Additionally, eating Celery also restores a small amount of energy for the players i.e., 60 energy.

Also, players have the option to sell each Celery at the Goofy’s stall for a value of 65 star coins.

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Recipes You Can Make Using Celery

Celery is a widely used ingredient for making several recipes in the Eternity Isle.

Players can use Celery along with other ingredients to create 4-star or 5-star meals.

Recipes using Celery in Dreamlight Valley
Players can make three recipes using Celery in Dreamlight Valley A Rift in Time.

The three recipes using Celery for Rift in Time expansion are:

1. Best Fish Forever

Best Fish Forever is a 4-star Entree recipe in the Dreamlight Valley’s A Rift in Time expansion.

It requires a total of four ingredients, including Sea Snail, Robot Fish, Celery, and Cumin.

 Further, players can sell this recipe for 1400 Star Coins.

2. Blend Of The Bayou

Similarly, Blend of the Bayou is made using Prisma Shrimp, Rice, Butter, Any Spice along Celery.

It is a 5-star recipe and is complex to make as collecting five different ingredients can be hard.

However, it also yields more coins with a higher selling price of 2400 coins.

3. Bony Osso Buco

Another recipe that can be made using Celery is Bony Osso Buco.

Players can create this easy 4-star recipe using Skeleton Fish, Celery, Any Vegetable, and Grape.

The selling price for this recipe is 272 star coins, the least among the three recipes.

All Celery Locations In Dreamlight Valley

As ingredients can be found in biomes, purchased from vendors, or grown and harvested in Dreamlight Valley.

Celery is found growing in four different biomes within the Valley.

  • The Docks
  • The Courtyard
  • The Overlook
  • The Ruins

Players can harvest Celery by interacting with the plant in these locations.

Further, while harvesting Celery, each stalk will yield one Celery.

Planting the seeds allows you to cultivate a consistent Celery supply for Cooking and gifting needs.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, players can enjoy the new expansion of Dreamlight Valley with all the new ingredients and recipes.

Celery is a versatile ingredient serving serval purposes for cooking, selling, and gifting to the villagers.

It can be a useful resource throughout your gameplay experience as it provides 60 energy after eating.

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