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Tropical Wood Dreamlight Valley: Visit The Tropical Coast

The Tropical Coast is one of the regions in the game, where you can find exotic plants, animals, and resources. 

Furthermore, you can unlock new recipes, such as the tropical pop, a delicious dessert made with coconut, fruit, slush ice, and sugarcane.

Get the Tropical Wood on the Tropical Coast by planting and nurturing any type of tree to get it. Further, you must regularly visit the Tropical Coast biome to collect tropical wood.

Continue reading to learn more about the Tropical Wood and how to get it.

Tropical Wood In Dreamlight Valley

Tropical wood can be found in the Tropical Coast biome.

However, you can unlock this wood after you reach level 15 and pay 10,000 Dreamlight.

Tropical wood is used for crafting various items, such as the Tropical Bed, the Tropical Chair, and the Tropical Table.

Further, you can sell Tropical wood for 15 coins each at the market.

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Get Tropical Wood In Dreamlight Valley

You should plant and nurture a tree to get the Tropical Wood in Dreamlight Valley.

Follow the steps below for the full guidance:

1. Buy/ Harvest Seeds

You need to plant any type of tree (except fruit trees) in the Tropical Coast biome.

Therefore, you can buy tree seeds from the Seed Shop in the Town Square.

Alternatively, you can get tree seeds by harvesting trees in other biomes or by trading with other players.

buy seeds
Buy seeds from the Seed Shop

2. Plant Any Type Of Tree

To plant a tree, you need to have a Shovel and a Watering Can in your inventory.

Generally, you can craft these tools at the Workshop or buy them from the Tool Shop.

plant seed
Dig a hole in the ground to plant seed.

To plant a tree, you need to dig a hole in the ground with the Shovel and place the seed in the hole.

Further, water the seed with the Watering Can. You can plant up to 10 trees in the Tropical Coast biome.

3. Wait For The Trees To Drop Tropical Wood Sticks/Timbers

You need to wait for the trees to grow and randomly drop tropical wood sticks/ timbers on the ground.

The trees will grow faster if you water them every day.

Additionally, they will drop other items, such as fruits, leaves, and flowers, which you can collect or sell.

The tropical wood sticks look like small brown sticks with green leaves on them.

Further, collect them by interacting with them. You can hold up to 50 tropical wood sticks in your inventory at a time.

4. Dig Up Tree Stumps

Dig up tree stumps in the Tropical Coast biome to get more tropical wood.

To dig up a tree stump, you need to have a Shovel in your inventory.

Significantly, you can dig up to 10 tree stumps in the Tropical Coast biome per day.

Dig up tree stumps for tropical wood dreamlight valley
Dig up tree stumps

5. Visit the Tropical Coast Biome

You need to visit the Tropical Coast biome regularly to collect tropical wood.

Notably, there is a limit to how much tropical wood can spawn each day.

However, the limit is based on your level and the number of trees you have planted in the biome.

The higher your level and the more trees you have, the more tropical wood you can get.

The limit resets every day at midnight. You can check your limit and your progress by opening the Biome Menu and selecting the Tropical Coast biome.

Why Is Tropical Wood Not Spawning?

Players may be wondering why the Tropical Wood is not spawning in the game.

Tropical Wood doesn’t spawn in the game. Instead, you can use other types of woods: Softwood, Hardwood, Drywood, and Dark Wood. 

1. Softwood: Found near the base of trees in Plaza, Peaceful Meadow, Forest of Valor, and Glade of Trust. Also obtained by digging up Small and Big Tree Stumps with the Royal Shovel.

2. Hardwood: Found in Sunlit Plateau, Forest of Valor, Glade of Trust, and Frosted Heights. Also obtained by digging up Big Tree Stumps.

3. Drywood: Found in Sunlit Plateau, Frosted Heights, and Forgotten Lands. Sometimes sold by Kristoff.

4. Dark Wood: Found only in Forgotten Lands. Not sold by Kristoff

There is no such thing as Tropical Wood in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The game only has four types of wood. Each type of wood can be found in different biomes; buy some wood from Kristoff’s Stall, but not Dark Wood.

The Bottom Line

The Tropical Coast is home to some of the dark crystals, and mysterious objects that can grant wishes and unlock new areas in the game.

However, don’t miss this chance to get Tropical Wood in Dreamlight Valley on the Tropical Coast!

This is a limited-time offer that will end soon. Hurry up and claim your reward before it’s gone!

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