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Is Apex Of Misery Bugged In Diablo 4?

Apex of Misery is a main quest in Diablo 4 that requires the player to find and kill Airidah, a powerful demon lord.

However, some players have reported that they encountered a bug when trying to complete this quest.

Apex of Misery is a main quest in Diablo 4 that requires you to kill two bosses. However, some players have reported that they encountered a bug when trying to complete this quest.

Continue reading to find out if Apex of Misery Quest is bugged in Diablo 4.

Apex Of Misery In Diablo 4: Is It Bugged?

The Apex of Misery is a mandatory mission that players must complete to finish the storyline and reach the next level.

The three most encountered bugs in the quest are:

  1. If you quit the quest or leave the place of the quest, the fog will reappear all over the map.
  2. Also, another common bug is Airidah not speaking to you when reaching the top of Solitude.
  3. Third, many players do not see the magic beams that connect Airidah to the Wraiths.

As a result, they attack Airidah instantly but she is only vulnerable once all her Wraiths are killed first.

How To Fix The Apex Of Misery Bugged In Diablo 4?

Although there are 3 bugs in Apex of Misery, there are ways to fix them and some of them are: 

1. Resolve The Reappearance Of Fog Bug

The reappearance of fog is more like a design flaw; however, it can be classified as a bug.

If the fog reappears while you are playing the quest, you must go to the white square on the map and destroy the Risen Remains all over again.

Risen Remains Location
A white square on the map is where Risen Remains are located.

2. Make Airidah Speak To You

The best solution for this bug is to change World Tiers and try again.

Sometimes this doesn’t work, so completing a different quest and then returning to this one might help.

If the bug persists, find Apex of Misery in your Journal, abandon it, and start it again.

3. Defeat Airidah From Your Attacks

First, look out for the magic beams that connect Airidah to the Wraiths as they may not be visible.

In that case, you should always focus on killing her Wraiths first and defeating her eventually.

Fighting Airidah
Airidah is connecting to the Wraiths with magic Beams.
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How To Beat Airidah In Apex Of Misery Diablo 4?

The main objective of Apex of Misery is to defeat Airidah.

Before that, there are some other objectives:

  1. The first step is to head towards the designated mark on the map. 
  2. Then, you need to engage in a battle until you eliminate two sets of Risen Remains.
  3. The third objective is to find and go to Airidah atop Solitude, the yellow marker on the map.
  4. Now, approach Airidah and initiate a conversation by clicking on the character or using a designated interaction key.
  5. Finally, you kill Airidah’s four Wraiths, make her vulnerable, and defeat her.

Airidah is located at the summit of Solitude Mountain in Scosglen, marked with a yellow map marker north of Clocheen and accessible via the Windswept Trail.

Airidha's location in the map
A yellow marker indicates Airidha’s location just north of Clocheen.

After clearing the fog awaits a challenging path where two formidable Risen Remains must be defeated to proceed.

The well-guarded Risen Remains presents a tough and demanding fight that you must not take lightly.

Here are some of the steps you should follow to defeat Airidah:

  1. First and the most important thing is to avoid all her attacks, especially whirlwind as it is more damaging than lightning strikes.
  2. Given her habit of teleporting around, it is better to attack her from a distance using range attacks.
  3. During the attacks,  Airidah calls all her four wraiths. You need to defeat all of them.
  4. At this point, she is immune to all the damage you give her. Keep attacking her until you defeat her.
  5. Finally, after her defeat, talk to her again and you will complete the Apex of Misery Quest.

The Bottom Line

Diablo 4’s Apex of Misery has three bugs: fog reappearing, Airidah not speaking, and an invisible connection beam.

You can try the above-mentioned fixes such as visiting locations and changing World Tiers. Defeating Airidah requires strategic tactics against her attacks and wraiths.

Hopefully, this article helps you to know everything about Apex of Misery Bugs in Diablo 4.

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