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Star Ocean Second Story R: How To Fast Travel?

Star Ocean: The Second Story is a popular action RPG from 1998 on the PlayStation.

In the game, you can fast travel to places you’ve been before to save time.

You can fast travel in Star Ocean: The Second Story by visiting key locations like towns, dungeons, and unique spots to unlock this time-saving feature and explore the game efficiently.

This article will explain how to unlock R fast travel in Star Ocean: The Second Story R and why it helps explore efficiently.

Star Ocean Second Story R Fast Travel: What Is It?

Fast travel is a game feature that lets you quickly move between locations you have already visited in Star Ocean: The Second Story R.

This feature makes it more convenient to revisit towns, dungeons, and other places in the game.

Fast travel means you can quickly go from one place to another on the map, but you must have been to that place before.

star ocean the second story
Fast travel in Star Ocean means you can quickly go from one place to another on the map.

How Can You Unlock Fast Travel?

To add new fast travel spots, you must physically visit the place first.

If you have not visited places, they won’t show on your fast travel maps, and you can miss important things.

Here are the important places to visit early in the game:

  1. Go to towns like Cross, Mars, Salva, and Lacour. They have shops and quests.
  2. Visit major dungeons on the main path, like Mountain Temple and Ruins of Mosel. Fast travel helps when you need to return.
  3. The Energy Stone and Milokeenia sites on the world map reduce travel time between regions.
  4. For late-game adventures like the Calnus arc, fast travel in places like Moonbase and other planets. It’s crucial for travelling between stars.

By going to these places when you can, you’ll make the most of the fast travel system as the game’s world expands.

How To Fast Travel?

To fast travel inside the game, you must use the Up or Down button on the D-pad to access it.

1. Accessing Fast Travel: To use fast travel, you must press either the up or down button on the D-pad, depending on your platform (Nintendo Switch or PlayStation).

2. Selecting Locations: Once you activate Fast travel, you will see a menu that displays all the locations you’ve visited in the game. You can use the D-pad to select the location you want to travel to.

3. Choosing a Destination: Navigate to the location you wish to travel to and press the button to confirm your choice.

4. Fast Travel: The game will then swiftly transport you to your chosen destination, saving you time and effort.

The Up Button in the D map shows the Guide Map which is the world map for fast travel. 

Fast travel is a helpful addition to Star Ocean: The Second Story R, allowing you to move between known locations with ease.

It’s designed to enhance your gameplay experience by reducing the need for extensive backtracking.

When Can You Fast Travel?

You can fast travel anytime when you’re in the game’s overworld or world map.

However, there should be no restrictions or specific story events preventing it.

When You Cannot Fast Travel?

Fast travel may not be available during certain segments of the story or specific plot-related moments.

Some dungeons or areas may not allow fast travel.

guide map fast travel
Fast travel menu in the game.
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Why Is Fast Travel Important?

Fast travel is actually important to know about the private actions and all other events happening in the game.

If you don’t want to miss out on important things, you must keep checking the fast travel map.

The fast travel map has markers that include where optional events occur and whether they are limited.

In the game, you can fast-travel to practically any Save Point.

Additionally, if there is a private action in your fast travel map, you will see a green speech bubble.

The speech bubble has the letters “PA” in it.

Moreover, in the second half of Star Ocean 2, the game gives you a lot of freedom.

You get the spaceship Calnus and can explore different planets and places in any order.

However, at this point, fast travel goes from being nice to having to be almost necessary.

Without it, flying between planets and doing fetch quests would take a lot of time.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, fast travel is a highly valuable feature in Star Ocean: The Second Story.

Unlocking fast travel to big towns, dungeons, and unique spots makes the game much more enjoyable.

Moreover, fast travel helps you to not miss out on important temporary events.

Hopefully, with the help of this article, you will be able to use the Fast travel feature effectively.

Happy Gaming!

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