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Different Ways To Find Coal And Mistletoe In ARK

Coal and Mistletoe are the main currencies of the game ARK in the Winter Wonderland event.

These are used to purchase various kinds of items and valuables in the game under the event.

To get Coal and Mistletoe, wait for RaptorClaus to arrive at midnight and catch the presents he drops as quickly as possible. This is the easiest way to get it as other ways require skill and exploration.

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What Is Coal And Mistletoe In ARK?

Coal and Mistletoe in Ark is a valuable resource that serves various purposes in crafting and survival.

They are the currency for acquiring items during the Winter Wonderland event.

Hence, they can only be used throughout the event and cannot be used outside of the event or any other places.

ark winter wonderland
This is the featured image of the Winter Wonderland Event in ARK.
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Where Is Coal And Mistletoe In ARK?

The RaptorClause drops coal and Mistletoe in the game, and can also be found in gift boxes in the Winter Wonderland event.

You also can mine coal as it is a common resource that drops alongside other minerals and stones.

Moreover, Mistletoe can be harvested from various plants and bushes scattered around the Ark but is rarely found.

ark raptor clause
This is the image of RaptorCaluse who drops coal and mistletoe in ARK.

How To Get Coal And Mistletoe In Ark?

Use the fastest flyer in your tribe, and seek out the glowing objects as they fall from the sky during RaptoerCaluse drop.

Players on your server are likely hunting for the same thing, you’ll have to work quickly and get as much Coal And Mistletoe.

You also can follow the given ways to get these items in ARK rather than waiting for the drop.

Coal Collection

Coal plays a crucial role as a valuable resource for crafting various items, and they are abundant throughout the Ark World.

Here’s how you can gather coal:

  1. Mine Rocks
  2. Caves Exploration
  3. Taming Creatures
  4. Gift Box

Mistletoe Collection

Mistletoe, a festive plant, adds a touch of holiday spirit to your Ark surroundings.

Here’s how you can gather mistletoe:

  1. Harvesting Plants
  2. Beach Biomes
  3. Gift Box
  4. Winter Wonderland Event

Uses Of Coal And Mistletoe 

RaptorClaus drops the Coal and Mistletoe that you can trade to GachaClaus for holiday cosmetics.

You can utilize the collected coal and mistletoe in two distinct ways.

  1. Craft holiday items directly via the Cooking Pot in the “Holiday” folder just like all previous events.
  2. You can get the exact skin you want if you have enough amount of Coal And Mistletoe In ARK.

The Bottom Line

With these simple steps, you can easily collect Coal and Mistletoe and use them to obtain rare and prestigious items in the ARK.

Remember to use the appropriate tools, such as a pickaxe for coal and a sickle for mistletoe, to maximize your collection.

So, gear up and go out there to find the precious resources in the ARK Winter Wonderland event.

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