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Can Gloom Sword Break In TotK? Repair Guide

Players can obtain the Gloom Sword in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

The Sword can drop from a monster known as The Phantom Ganon, however, there is a catch to using the Sword.

Players of Tears of the Kingdom claim the Gloom Sword can break after losing all its durability. Furthermore, the Sword is quite difficult to obtain in the game.

Continue reading to learn how to re-obtain the Gloom Sword and repair it after it breaks.

How To Obtain The Gloom Sword?

The players can obtain the Gloom Sword by defeating Phantom Ganon. Phantom Ganon spawns after the players defeat the Gloom Hands.

Furthermore, you can meet a Phantom Ganon while completing the Scourge of the Deku Tree.

Additionally, the Sword boasts a high base attack of 41 but a low durability of 14. Furthermore, the players lose a portion of their hearts when they use the sword.

However, some players claim to fuse the Sword with other weapons, such as Royal Guard and Knights, to lower the gloom effect.

Furthermore, players also claim you can fuse the Sword with a Light Scale to heal through the gloom effect of the sword.

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Can Gloom Sword Break In ToTK?

Yes! Gloom sword does break after losing all its durability. Furthermore, the gloom sword loses more durability as it damages the player.

But, the sword does not kill the player by taking all the hearts.

However, you can repair the sword. Additionally, you can re-obtain the sword as well.

Repair The Gloom Sword In TotK

You can instantly repair the Gloom Sword after it breaks in Tears of the Kingdom. Follow the steps outlined below;

  1. First, go to Eldin Mountain and find a Rock Octorok.
  2. Then, place the Gloom Sword before the Rock Octorok, but don’t attack it.
  3. The Rock Octorok will attack and suck the Sword inside it.
  4. Then, the Rock Octorok will shine and throw the Sword back at the player.
  5. Finally, the Sword should have its durability restored. However, the additional Sword effect may change.

How To Re-Obtain The Gloom Sword?

Players can re-obtain the Gloom Sword by defeating the Phantom Ganon.

However, the drop is RNG, and the Phantom Ganon may not drop the Sword and instead may drop the Demon kings Bow.

In-Game Model Of Phantom Ganon Totk
In-Game Model of Phantom Ganon Totk

Thus, obtaining the Gloom Sword does depend on your luck as well.

However, once you obtain the Sword, you can repair it using Rock Octoroks.

Additionally, you can encounter a Phantom Ganon if and only if you defeat Gloom Hands.

Furthermore, Gloom Hands are a monster type that can easily overpower the players. Thus, proper preparation before dealing with them is a must.

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Here is a list of places you can meet Gloom Hands;

  1. Akkale Citadel Ruins
  2. North Lomei Labyrinth, Hebra Mountains
  3. Eastern Abbey, Hyrule Field
  4. Lindor’s Brow Cave, Hyrule Ridge
  5. Hyrule Castle Docks- While you are trying to obtain the Hylian Shield
  6. Mount Lanayru- Near Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower

The Bottom Line

The Gloom Sword is very strong with high base damage. However, the downside of using the Sword is the loss of health each time you use it.

The player can mitigate the downside, but is it worth using rather than a Fierce Deity Sword or a Master Sword?

Hopefully, this article can help you find and repair the sword if it breaks.

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