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Explore Infiltrate Grid 086 Chests In Armored Core 6

Infiltrate Grid 086 is a mission in the Armored Core 6 video game.

In this introductory mission, players will learn the fundamental game concepts, including movement, fighting, and customization.

Armored Core 6’s expansive world contains many secret chests that are dispersed. Moreover, there are 4 Infiltrate Grid 086 chests in the Armored Core 6.

This article will discuss the Infiltrate Grid 086, including all Infiltrate Grid 086 Chests.

What Is Infiltrate Grid 086?

Infiltrate Grid 086 is a mission players can unlock in Chapter 2 after finishing Chapter 1.

The mission aims to reach the lowest level of Grid 086’s center and remove the heavy, autonomous SMART CLEANER.

The Smart Cleaner is a large, heavily armored enemy with powerful weapons.

Also, it is a brutal enemy to defeat, but it is possible with careful planning and execution.

infiltrate grid 086 chests
Fight with Smart Cleaner in Infiltrate Grid 086 mission.

The mission begins with you being dropped into a ruined city.

Also, players must scale a massive grid to reach the lowest level of the structure where the RaD faction boss is located to finish the mission.

There is a simple brute-force way that requires no talent to defeat the boss, a vast “cleaning robot” that blasts fire.

Players must beat AC Invincible Rummy and proceed through the doors to the room above to obtain combat logs.

The mission is one of the game’s most challenging and rewarding missions.

Moreover, the player must use various strategies and tactics to overcome obstacles and enemies.

Furthermore, the mission has multiple paths and outcomes, depending on the player’s choices and actions.

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All Infiltrate Grid 086 Chests In Armored Core 6

Armored Core 6 has 13 hidden chests, and Infiltrate Grid 086 has 4.

1. Chest 1

This chest holds the HC-3000 Wrecker Head.

Once you have beaten Invincible Rummy, you can find it in the mission’s internal location.

Moreover, you can drop down the first hole and then circle to find it. The chest is visible next to a Light MT on the ceiling.

2. Chest 2

This chest holds the CC-3000 Wrecker Core. It is situated next to Chest 1 but before the entrance door.

Furthermore, a small room is reached by hopping past the smelter and the liquid metal. Two MTs are on duty to protect the chest.

3. Chest 3

These are the AC-3000 Wrecker Legs. It is in the exact location as Chest 2 but adjacent to the liquid metal.

You can reach a drop and a corridor by following the empty pipe. An AC is watching over the chest at the end of the hallway.

4. Chest 4

These 2C-3000 Wrecker Arms are located in this chest.

After you have ascended the chasm, you will find it at the mission’s final sector.

You must move toward the goal by using the catapult lift.

Moreover, you must avoid engaging when targets appear and you see the “RaD” indication on the wall.

After making a right, follow the tracks. MTs will protect the chest at the end of the tracks.

To locate the chests, follow these hints:

  • For the chests, use your radar to search. On your radar, the chests will show up as little white dots.
  • Take caution not to use your weapons to damage the chests. The chests are readily breakable and flimsy.
  • You can always search for a guide online if you need help finding a chest.

The Bottom Line

Four chests in the Armored Core 6 task Infiltrate Grid 086 feature potent armor and weaponry.

These chests are scattered throughout the mission and can be challenging to discover.

However, they are still worth looking for as they can give you a sizable advantage in the quest.

Also, chests from the Infiltrate Grid 086 are a great place to find strong armor and weaponry.

However, you’ll need to apply your abilities and knowledge to discover them because they’re cleverly hidden.

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