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Why Is Attack The Dam Complex Battle Log Pending?

Attack the dam complex battle log pending is an issue that players will encounter during the dam complex mission attack.

The issue normally arises if the players miss an enemy or two during the mission.

The Attack the Dam complex battle log pending is an issue that arises if players miss an enemy or two during the mission. 

This article discusses the attack on the dam complex battle log pending in Armored Core 6.

What Is Attack The Dam Complex? 

Attack the dam complex is one of the missions in Chapter 1 of Armored Core 6.

In this mission, players must go to the Gallia Dam Complex. Furthermore, players are not alone during this mission. 

Players must team up with two other mechs, namely G4 Volta and G5 Iguazu. 

However, they are supporting characters, and the player must focus on achieving the mission’s main objective rather than fighting the enemies.  

Furthermore, players can collect two battle logs from the area. However, obtaining them requires players to clear the entire map out. 

Players can also obtain an honorary title after completing the mission. The title they can obtain is G13 or Gun 13.

The mission does not contain any checkpoints either, thus, you should properly customize and recover all your health before beginning the mission. 

Furthermore, the allies that you begin the mission with can take a lot of the heat away from you because they will charge in head first. 

Thus, you can take the opportunity to defeat the enemies while they focus on your allies. 

Additionally, you can simply gun the enemies down. In this mission, the sword is not that useful. 

Furthermore, while G4 and G5 are taking aggro, players must focus on taking out the generators, which is the main requirement to complete this mission. 

However, this does not mean players cannot go in to help their allies, but you must prioritize taking the generators out before engaging in other fights. 

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Reasons: Attack The Dam Complex Battle Log Pending

The Attack the Dam complex battle log is pending for one reason. The reason is that there are still enemies left to defeat in the area. 

Thus, players must find every enemy within the complex and defeat them. 

However, among all the enemies, players may miss one particular enemy. 

Thus, players must make sure to check every nook and cranny of the map before ending the mission. 

During the mission, players can miss a tetrapod AC miniboss near the second dam.

Players can find the miniboss on their right after reaching the second dam. 

Obtain attack the dam battle log after defeating the miniboss
Defeat the miniboss near the second dam in the attack on the dam complex in Armored Core 6.

Players will get the battle log pending notice for this mission that they missed this miniboss. 

However, other enemies within the area are very easy to find and defeat.

Thus, when you reach this area, you must make sure to head to the second dama and find the miniboss. 

Moreover, as mentioned before, players must check every crook and cranny within the area because there are other enemies you may have missed during the mission. 

Obtain battle log from defeating miniboss
Use a rocket and rifle to defeat the miniboss to obtain the battle log.

Defeating the tetrapod AC miniboss will give the players the Silver combat log.

Furthermore, they will encounter another boss after you find the final generator. 

However, this boss is optional, but defeating this boss will give the players the Gold combat log.

Thus, players should defeat every boss and enemy they encounter in the mission.

Note: The battle logs are divided into four different ranks: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each rank is harder to obtain than the one before them. 

The Bottom Line

Battle logs are a necessary part of the Armored Core 6 game. The logs can increase the ranking of their Hunter Class. 

Furthermore, this increase in class allows players to obtain new and different parts for the mechs.

Thus, increasing the hunter class and obtaining every log can benefit the players. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in fixing the attack on the dam complex battle log pending issue in Armored Core 6.

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