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Complete Guide To Automated Backup In MW3 Zombies

Automated Backup is one of the first missions you can complete in Modern Warfare Zombie mode.

It will reward you with valuable items, such as Death Perception Acquisition, that enhance your visibility of lootable objects.

The Automated Backup Mission in MW3 simply requires you to collect three ammo mods circuit boards scattered around the map and activate the Deadbolt turrets. After you complete the mission, you earn 1500 xp points as a reward.

Continue reading to know more about Automated Backup and how to complete this challenge in MW3 Zombies.

What Is Automated Backup In MW3?

The Automated backup is a mission where you need to collect different items scattered across the Urzikstan.

In this mission, you should collect three different ammo mods circuit boards to activate the deadbolt turrets.

The turrets are located across the new Zombie map and are upgradable, utilizing ammo mods to proceed further.

However, there is also a regular circuit board, so you should differentiate between the standard circuit board and the ammo mod circuit board.

Only after you complete this mission you can advance toward the next tier of MW3.

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How To Complete Automated Backup In MW3?

To complete the Automated Backup mission, you must simply activate three Deadbolt Turrets.

The simple steps to complete this mission are mentioned below:

1. Complete Objectives In Urzikstan

There are simple objectives to complete during the mission, giving you different items.

You must defeat the Infested Stronghold to complete the objectives and get the ammo mod as a reward.

When you complete different objectives in Urzikstan, you get rare blue items in loot caches.

2. Collect Ammo Mods

Along with different rewards, you also get the ammo mods circuit boards when you finish different objectives.

However, the chance of getting ammo mods as a reward is quite rare.

Further, you require at least three ammo mods to activate deadbolt turrets for this mission.

These items are not marked on the map; you must find their location yourself on the map.

3. Approach Deadbolt Turrets

You can find the Deadbolt turrets using the turret icons scattered on the map.

When you approach toward turret with the ammo mod circuit board in your inventory, it activates easily.

Depositing ciruit to activate Turret in Automated Backup mission
You can activate the Deadbolt turret using the circuit in your inventory.

Activating the deadbolt turrets allows you to progress forward toward completing the mission.

However, ensure that you activate the deadbolt turret one by one with the ammo mods.

Automated Backup Not Working In MW3

The Automated backup is not working in MW3 because of glitches and bugs.

Players are complaining that they are not able to progress further in the challenge.

During the mission, even after activating two deadbolt turrets, the progress doesn’t count.

If you’re experiencing a similar problem, you may use the normal circuit board instead of the ammo mod.

Further, the turrets within the game have some bugs, so you need to wait for patches and updates to fix this.

The Bottom Line

Overall, completing the Automated Backup mission in MW3 involves simple steps, as mentioned above.

After completing the mission, you will be rewarded with Death Perception Acquisition and 1500 experience points.

However, the glitch with turrets is annoying for the players, which may be solved in the next update.

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