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A Guide To Perform Backpack Glitch In BG3

Players have always found new ways to perform item glitches in the game and this time it involves a Backpack in BG3.

However, players must be quick to exploit this glitch as it might be patched in the future.

In BG3, players can perform the new Backpack glitch to steal many items at once from vendors without paying anything to them. Therefore, it is a good opportunity for players to accumulate various loot while this glitch is still active.

Continue reading this article to learn how to perform the backpack glitch in BG3.

What Is A Backpack Glitch In BG3?

Most of the games include a storing mechanism that allows players to manage their item inventory.

Similarly, the Backpack is a storage unit in BG3 that allows players to store various items while traveling.

They come in many forms while the most common one only costs 1gp in the game.

backack bg3
In-game icon of the backpack in BG3.

However, players can obtain this item for free by finding it at certain spots on the map.

In general, the backpacks contain 15 item slots, allowing comfortable storage during map travels.

Nevertheless, players have found a new way to exploit the storage mechanism of the backpack in the game.

If done correctly, players can easily gain 15 new items for free by exploiting the backpack glitch.

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How To Perform The Backpack Glitch In BG3?

There are some important steps that players must follow to perform the Backpack glitch in BG3. They are:

  1. Own a backpack that only costs them 1 gp in the game.
  2. Send one of the companions back to the camp.
  3. Find a Shopkeeper/Merchant on the map and sell him their backpack.
  4. Fill the backpack with all the items that they want to steal or duplicate.
filling the backback with items that we want to steal bg3 backpack
Fill the backpack with items that you want to steal to perform the Backpack Glitch.
  1. Switch to the character at the camp and double-click on the backpack(left-click).
  2. It won’t open the backpack so players should escape from the shopkeeper’s menu.
  3. Discover the desired items inside their backpacks free of cost.

Nevertheless, players must be quick to exploit this glitch while they can as it might be removed in the future.

Can Players Get Banned For Performing The Backpack Glitch?

To simply answer the question, players won’t be banned for using the Backpack Glitch in the game.

This is because the glitch information only reaches the developers if it becomes popular in the community.

Previously, the developers patched another backpack glitch after finding out about it in the community forums.

However, RPG games are strict with item glitches as items are the core part of the game.

Hence, they are shortlived as they break the game environment of an award-winning game like BG3.

The Bottom line

The new backpack glitch in BG3 allows players to obtain rare items sold in the shops for free.

However, this glitch takes out the fun aspect of the game as players sway away from grinding GP for these items.

Therefore, players are better off avoiding this glitch to enjoy the world of BG3 truly and achieve the rewards ethically.

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