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Find The Basement Descent In Ground Zero For Extraction

In Escape from Tarkov, players must find the basement descent in Ground Zero to start the extraction process.

Furthermore, finding the extraction points is an essential task after completing missions to progress in the game.

After completing the missions at Ground Zero, you must find the basement descent to start the extraction process and escape from the area. Furthermore, you can find it at the end of the hallway of the Nakatani building in Tarkov streets.

Continue reading to learn how to find the basement descent at Ground Zero in Escape from Tarkov.

What Is Ground Zero In Escape From Tarkov?

In Escape from Tarkov, Ground Zero is a central location within the city of Tarkov.

Furthermore, it is the place where the main conflict of Escape from Tarkov begins.

Ground zero is the epicenter of chaos that happens in the game as it leads players to many quests and missions.

In addition, you can only enter Ground Zero after you reach level 20 in the game.

TerraGroup Science Office key plays a crucial role in opening doors and unlocks opportunities within this location.

Hence, you must obtain the TerraGroup office key to complete certain quests and progress through the game.

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Why Should You Start Extraction In Ground Zero?

In Escape from Tarkov, you must enter Ground Zero to complete in-game missions and quests.

However, you must start the extraction for mission completion, survival, and escape from Ground Zero.

Additionally, players can find valuable loot and resources during the missions in Ground Zero.

Basement descent extraction
Starting an extraction in Ground Zero is a necessary step to complete missions, collect valuables, gain experience, and progress in the game.

So, starting the extraction allows you to secure your findings and bring them back to your stash.

You can also earn experience points after successfully extracting from Ground Zero.

Thus, you can level up your characters with the exp points and unlock new skills traders, and other in-game benefits.

Five Extraction Points In Ground Zero 

To survive in Tarkov, you must complete missions and find the extraction point to exit the location.

Likewise, you must locate and utilize various extraction points that are strategically placed throughout the Ground zero.

Nakatani building in ground zero
Nakatani stairs lead to the basement which is the first extraction point in ground zero.

There are five extraction points in Ground Zero that you must find to escape safely which are as follows:

  • Nakatani Basement Stairs
  • Police Cordon
  • V-Ex Emercom Checkpoint
  • Mira Ave
  • Scav Checkpoint Co-op

Basement Descent In Ground Zero For Extraction

To find the first extraction point in Ground Zero, you must descend into the basement of the Nakatani building.

Furthermore, the Nakatani basement stair is the place where you can start your first extraction process at Ground Zero.

So go to the central area of Ground Zero with tall buildings and find a building with the name Nakatani on it.

Once you find the Nakatani building enter through the main door and search for the stairs to descend into the basement.

Nakatani basement stairs
Go to the end of the hallway and enter the room with the green light indicator at the door to reach the basement for extraction.

Nakatani Basement Stairs are strategically positioned at the end of a hallway on the right side of the building.

In addition, you can see the green light indicator on the top of the door that leads to the basement in the game.

Hence, follow the stairs and descend to the basement of the Nakatani building to find the extraction point.

Once you reach the basement, the extraction process will start so stay put at the extraction point until the timer runs out.

The Bottom Line

Starting an extraction in Ground Zero is not just about leaving a specific location in Escape From Tarkov.

It is a necessary step for players to complete missions, survive, collect valuable resources, gain experience points, and progress in the game.

So, use the map to find all five extraction points and start the extraction process when necessary,

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