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Is Debut Quest Required On Ground Zero Tarkov?

Debut is one of the starting quests in Escape From Tarkov, which is given by Prapor.

Further, Ground Zero is the new location in the game which is located in the city center of Tarkov. 

Debut is the Prapor quest in Escape From Tarkov in which players need to eliminate the 5 Scavs to obtain MP-133 12ga pump-action shotguns. However, to unlock the Prapor quest in Ground Zero you must complete the Debut quest first.

Continue reading this article to learn how to complete Debut in Escape from Tarkov.

An Overview Of Debut In Escape From Tarkov

Numerous quests are available for players in Escape From Trakov where they can find loot such as weapons, equipment, and in-game currency.

Similarly, Debut is one of the first quests given by Prapor in Escape From Trakov.

Debut quest in Escape From Tarkov
Description of the Debut quest in Escape From Tarkov.

While roaming around the Tarkov territory, players will come across the Prapor, a trader in the game. 

Furthermore, Prapor will instruct you to begin the “Debut” quest.

In this quest, players must find and eliminate five Scavs roaming around the realm of Tarkov.

However, players must help the Prapor by providing the two MP-133 12ga pump-action shotguns.

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How To Complete The Debut Quest?

With proper strategies and techniques players will be able to complete the quest thoroughly.

Firstly players should head to the place where Scav is located to get two MP-133.

Scavs can be found in various locations, but there are different ways to identify them.

You can loot any dead Scav that you find while traveling to get the weapon.

Locate the Scavs In Trakov
You can locate the Scavs either at the Icecream shop or up at the Campsite.

Likely, you can also use your PMC to check the Scavs or check on Customs while you are in raid.

On the Customs side, you can find the two potential spawns, i.e., at the Icecream Shop or it is going to be at the Campsite.

Hence, using an SKS or Mosin rifle for this quest will be best as it has a higher fire rate.

Moreover, if you have unlocked the Jager at Level 1, you can buy both of the MP133 shotguns and hand them directly to the Prapor.

Players will get +1700 EXP, Prapor Rep +0.02, Jaeger Rep +0.01, 15000 Roubles, and a machine gun after completing this quest.

Is Debut Quest Required On Ground Zero Tarkov?

Ground Zero is the new map in Escape From Trakov where five different extraction checkpoints are available.

Hence, it is a new location of Patch that used to be the headquarters of the TerraGroup. 

However, players need to complete the Debut quest before starting the recently added Prapor quest in the Ground Zero.

The new Prapor quest, i.e., the Luxurious Life quest will be unlocked after completing the Debut quest for Prapor.

ASAP Winery in the business center of Ground Zero
ASAP Winery is popular for selling wine bottles in the business center of Ground Zero.

Moreover, in the Luxurious Life quest Prapor will ask you to obtain a bottle of French wine from the liquor store in the city center.

Players can locate the liquor store in the middle of the Ground Zero map, i.e., on the ground floor of the Goshan Customs Building.

The Bottom Line

The debut quest is one of the quests in Escape from Tarkov where players need to spot and kill the Scavs in Tarkov territory.

Similarly, players must be aware of the spawns and make strategic planning to minimize the dangers.

Hence, players can complete the debut quest first to unlock the Prapor quest at Ground Zero.

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