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Battle Royale Preview In COD MW3 And Warzone

COD: MW3 and Warzone is featuring an exciting addition known as the Battle Royale Preview.

The gaming community is buzzing with excitement as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone gear up for Season 2.

The  Battle Royale Preview is the special edition of Battle Royale that is designed to enhance the gaming experience even more.

Hence, the MW3 Battle Royale Preview gives players a sneak peek at some cool features that might become part of the Warzone.

Continue reading to find out more about what is in the battle royale preview of MW3.

Battle Royale Preview In COD MW3 And Warzone

Battle Royale Preview is like a test version of the regular Battle Royale mode.

It has new features, like secret escapes, hidden weapon rewards, and lots of scavenger contracts.

Moreover, Battle Royale Preview makes the game more interesting by adding various challenges and rewards.

Thus, it’s a chance for players to try out these new things before they might become a permanent part of the game.

New Features In Battle Royale Preview

In this mode, players can try to leave the game early using something called Covert Exfil.

Furthermore, it’s like a secret escape plan that you can buy from specific stations for $30,000.

If you buy Covert Exfil, a helicopter comes in to pick you up and fly you out of the game.

However, this process is very critical as other players will know about it and try to stop the escape.

At the beginning of each match, there’s a special Weapon Case hidden somewhere on the map.

So, the squad that finds and extracts it through Covert Exfil or by winning the game will get exciting rewards.

Battle royale preview in mw3
Battle Royale Preview is the limited-time mode in MW3 that may come to Warzone in the future.

In addition, the time players wait in the first circle has been increased to 150 seconds.

Thus, now players have more time to search for the hidden Weapon Case in the game.

Even in this new mode, you can still try to complete the Champions Quest.

But remember, if you use Covert Exfil for the Champions quest it will not count as a regular win.

In Battle Royale, you will get a buy station where you can spend cash to purchase items in a limited quantity stock.

Each Buy Station you visit around the map will include different items like gear, perk packages, loadout weapons, etc.

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Gameplay Features In Royale Battle Preview In COD

The battle royale preview has three stages for survival which are loot, advance, and endure.

Hence, players must infiltrate and loot valuable weapons and equipment in the game.

Similarly, players must also complete contracts and utilize buy stations to access custom loadouts.

Players who can endure the longest by eliminating enemies and escaping the gas win the battle royale.

As soon as players land in the arena, the operation Blazing Torch will start.

The battle royale has daily challenges like getting 5 Operator kills with assault rifles and reviving a teammate 3 times.

If you complete any 4 contracts of the daily challenges you get a bonus challenge of earning more xp points by playing in Warzone.

1. Complete Scavenger Contract In Battle Royale Preview

An integral part of the Battle Royale Preview in MW3 is the Scavenger contract.

You must start the Scavenger contract to find 3 supply boxes of scavengers and open it.

However, this is a time-based task and you should complete it within 4 minutes of the game.

You can locate the first scavenger box in Sorokin Industrial inside the room.

Hence, you can get supplies like a field upgrade munition box, submachine gun striker 9, cash, etc from the loot.

Scavenger contract battle royale preview
Complete the scavenger contract of the Battle Royale preview and earn 1500 Xp for opening 3 boxes of supplies.

You can find the next scavenger box under the bridge that contains supplies like assault Riffle Holger 556, field upgrade armor box, etc.

Likewise, find the third scavenger box on top of the roof and obtain the Biroseye perk comms plate carrier, snipper ammo, self-revive kit, etc.

Thus, this will complete the Scavenges contract mission of the battle royale and you will obtain 1500 Xp.

2. Earn XP From The Scavenger Contract

In the battle royale, you must pick up contracts to earn cash or level up.

So you must scan the map and look for a search symbol to find more scavenger contracts.

A random carrier will give you a contract to locate supply boxes so you must accept the contract to start it.

Hence, you will have 4 minutes to locate three supply boxes in the mission.

Furthermore, you must follow the search symbol on the map to locate the supply boxes as fast as possible.

However, finding and opening the supply boxes is not as simple as it sounds.

You will encounter opponents during this process as they are also looking to loot the supply boxes.

When you complete the second scavenger contract, you will obtain 1500 xp as your reward.

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