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Sneak Peek Of New Chile Map In Battlefield 2042

Battlefield developers DICE just released a sneak peek of their upcoming map on a desert in Chile.

Since then, players have been theorizing online about whether the map is for 64 or 128-player mode.

In Battlefield 2042, the upcoming new map is set on San Pedro de Atacama, a small town located in the Atacama desert in Chile. This is quite a small town which means that there are fewer places to take cover during PvP matches.

Continue reading this article to learn about the new Battlefield 2042 Chile map.

How To Get Battlefield 2042?

Battlefield 2042 is an FPS game that supports PvP and PvE modes to provide gameplay diversity for players.

Developed by DICE and published by EA, the game provides stunning graphics and a variety of cosmetics.

Currently, players can buy the game from Steam for 59.99$ or get an EA Play subscription for 4.99$ a month.

Cost of battlefield 2042 on Steam
Cost of Battlefield 2042 and EA Play on Steam.

Players can also get different editions of the game which will cost them more than the base game.

However, they contain more exclusive rewards which help to quickly level up in the game.

Also, they must be active in the Battlefield communities as they occasionally allow free access .

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The New Chile Map In Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 is known for releasing a new map in every major update alongside other fixes.

However, they have outdone themselves as they are planning to release two new maps instead of one.

Specifically, one of the maps is based on Chile which Battlefield showcased on one of their posts.

Battlefield 2042 chile
The official teaser of the Chile map in Battlefield 2042.

The new map is set in San Pedro de Atacama, part of the Atacama Desert, the driest on the planet.

Players have found that this town is quite small in real life which raises a question about the player limit.

Many players are speculating that it will be a 128-player map but it is nothing but a theory.

Therefore, players must wait until they get more news from the developers of the game.

What To Expect From The New Battlefield Chile Map?

Battlefield 2042 only teased a fraction of the map as it is still under development.

However, players can expect the following things when they get to play this map in-game:

  • The map is very open, meaning that most of the players will engage in close-range battles.
  • Most of the structures in the map are non-metal which means that they can be destroyed.
  • This map shares some common traits with Arica Harbor which would disrupt flexible vehicle movement.
  • Given the small area of the map, players think that this will become the exclusive TDM map.

The Bottom Line

The addition of a new map will always bring excitement as it adds more options during competitive gaming.

Hence, players cannot wait until the new Chile map is added to the game servers.

However, they must remain patient as the map is still in the development phase.

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