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Discover The Best Looking Armor In Starfield

Armor in Starfield is vital equipment that protects the player character from different circumstances.

It protects players in battle and also from the dangerous environmental scenarios of space.

There are various best-looking Armor in Starfield, such as Starborn Spacesuit, Va’ruun Spacesuit, and many more. However, the best-looking armor in Starfield depends on your playstyle, mission, and characters. 

This article discusses different armor available in Starfield, including the best-looking armor in Starfield.

Introduction To Armor In Starfield

In Starfield, the armor is a system that lets you alter your character’s appearance and offers protection.

The three basic types of armor are spacesuits, helmets, and packs.

The characteristics and effects of each component vary, including the armor rating, damage resistance, environmental resistance, and unique benefits.

You may combine and match various elements to fit your playing style and tastes.

Therefore, your performance and survival ability in Starfield depends on your armor choice.

You can alter your armor to suit your requirements, tastes, and circumstances.

Additionally, you can modify your armor to increase its stats or effects.

In Starfield, wearing armor allows you to express yourself while improving your gaming experience.

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Different Armors In Starfield

The player character can equip a variety of different armor pieces at the same time to create a custom set of armor that meets their needs.

Here are various kinds of armor available in the game:

1. Spacesuit

Spacesuits are the center of your armor, covering your body and providing the most protection.

Also, the game has various spacesuits, each with unique features and designs.

While some spacesuits are better suited for fighting, others are beneficial for stealth or exploration.

Moreover, you can get Spacesuits from vendors, loot from opponents, or craft yourself.

2. Helmet

Helmets, which protect your head and add to your armor by covering it, are the second type of armor.

Additionally, helmets have other aspects, like armor rating, damage resistance, environmental resistance, and unique advantages.

Some helmets also have visors that can improve your eyesight or provide helpful information.

You can obtain Helmets by looting opponents, purchasing them from merchants, or making them yourself.

3. Packs

Pack is the third type of armor, fastening to your back and offering additional advantages.

It can improve your stats, such as health, stamina, or carry weight.

Additionally, they can provide you with unique equipment like scanners, cloaking devices, or jetpacks.

Moreover, you can get Packs just like the other armors.

Best-Looking Armor In Starfield

The best-looking armor in Starfield is the one that suits your taste and style.

However, some armors are more popular than others because of their unique and cool designs.

Some of the best looking in Starfield are as follows:

1. Mantis Spacesuit

The Mantis Spacesuit is a sleek, cutting-edge suit of armor that gives you the appearance of a brilliant scientist.

Its shape is sleek and refined, devoid of the typical padding and electronics seen in other armors.

Also, it features a visor that you may use to see better or see more clearly.

You can obtain this armor by completing a unique assignment on the Denebola 1-B moon.

2. Ecliptic Spacesuit

The Ecliptic Spacesuit is a vibrant, fashionable suit of armor that gives you the appearance of a space sailor.

Its pattern is red and black, and its helmet is designed like a skull.

Additionally, it features a pack that can provide scanners, cloaking equipment, or jetpacks.

You may either take this armor from the Ecliptic group or join them.

armor starfield
Among various best-looking armor, Ecliptic is the coolest one.

3. Mark I Spacesuit

The Mark I Spacesuit is a traditional and straightforward armor that gives you the appearance of a pioneering space explorer.

It comprises a body piece that completely fits your body and a transparent, circular helmet.

Additionally, it contains a pack that can increase your numbers or bestows unique skills on you.

4. Starborn Spacesuit Bellum

The Starborn Spacesuit Bellum is a powerful, legendary armor that makes you look like a star god.

It features a brilliant, golden pattern that exudes power and grandeur.

Moreover, it contains a pack that can bestow cosmic abilities, such as producing black holes, controlling gravity, or bending time.

The Starborn questline, which is only accessible in New Game Plus mode, must be completed to obtain this armor.

5. Va’ruun Spacesuit

The Va’ruun Spacesuit is an exotic and unique armor that gives you the appearance of an extraterrestrial warrior.

Its metallic and organic structure evokes the enigmatic and potent Va’ruun species residing on the galaxy’s periphery.

Additionally, it has a pack that can give you telepathy, telekinesis, or improved senses.

You can get this armor by completing a covert mission on Va’ruun.

The Bottom Line

Starfield’s best-looking armors include the Mantis Spacesuit, the Mark I Spacesuit, the Ecliptic Spacesuit, etc.

The attributes and effects of each armor vary, including the armor rating, damage resistance, environmental resistance, and unique benefits.

 In Starfield, the best-looking armor means expressing yourself and improving your gaming experience.

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