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Explore About Zoology Skill For Outpost In Starfield

Zoology is a skill that allows you to build an Animal Husbandry Facility in your outpost, where you can read and harvest materials from the local fauna.

You can upgrade the Zoology skill from Rank 1 to Rank 4.

Starfield’s Zoology skill helps upgrade the outposts and harvest organic resources from creatures. It is a second-tier science skill among the 16 science skills of the game.

This article will explain the details of the Zoology outpost in Starfield.

What Is Zoology Skill In Starfield?

Starfield is a vast game with the whole galaxy and about 2,000 planets.

With all these planets to explore comes the many special items and species as well.

Additionally, you may surprised to see the types of species available throughout these planets.

Zoology is a science skill in Starfield that allows research on such species.

Furthermore, science skills help to upgrade the Outposts in Starfield.

In addition, Zoology is a Tier 2 Science skill of Starfield.

Zoology Animal
The Zoology skill helps to harvest organic resources from creatures.

This skill helps to research flora and fauna present on the planets.

Along with that, this skill also helps to rear animals and set up Animal Husbandry in Starfield.

Moreover, it is one of the most important outpost updates that further upgrades many other things.

Outpost Engineering Skill is the most significant skill to update your Outpost.

Furthermore, you can unlock the outpost engineering skill only after you unlock at least four skills in Tier 2.

Therefore, unlocking the Zoology skill is beneficial for your outpost as well.

Continue reading to learn how to rank up on the Ship Level Command Skill of Starfield.

Zoology Ranks In Starfield

Zoology is a second-tier science skill in Starfield. In addition, the skill can upgrade up to Rank 4.

Starfield Zoology Outpost Skill
Zoology is a Tier 2 science skill in Starfield.

That means, Zoology has Rank one to Rank four that you can upgrade by earning skill points.

Skill points help to upgrade five different types of skills of Starfield.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the Ranks.

1. Rank 1

Rank 1 helps to get more common organic resources from creatures.

In addition, it helps to learn more information about these creatures through the Scanner.

This rank allows you to produce animal resources at your outposts.

2. Rank 2

Rank 2 helps to get more uncommon organic resources from creatures.

Likewise, it also helps to learn more information about these creatures through the scanner more quickly.

3. Rank 3

Rank 3 helps to get rare organic resources from creatures.

In addition, it provides information about these rare resources and creatures.

4. Rank 4

Rank 4 allows you to harvest additional rare resources from creatures occasionally.

Moreover, it helps to provide more information on these rare harvests.

On top of all this, the skill helps harvest these resources without harming the creatures.

Be it any rank there will be no harm to the creatures.

How To Rank Up In Zoology Skill

To Rank up on the Zoology skill, you must harvest organic resources from a certain number of creatures.

  • Rank 1: Harvest organic resources from 20 creatures.
  • Rank 2: Harvest organic resources from 50 creatures.
  • Rank 3: Harvest organic resources from 100 creatures.
  • Rank 4: You are the skill master of Zoology.
Starfield Zoology Outpost Rank
There are four ranks you can upgrade to of the Zoology skill.

The Zoology skill is a significant skill for your outpost.

However, you cannot research all the creatures and harvest all the organic resources from the planets.

This frustrates many people due to the players’ investment of time and energy.

A user took to Reddit to explain their dissatisfaction regarding these skills.

Reddit Zoology Outpost Starfield
A Reddit player explains their frustration due to the unlocking of plants.

However, the skill is much more important in the grand scheme of things.

Besides, you can also unlock the Zoology skill through a console command.

Zoology Console Command

The console command helps unlock the skill without earning the skill points.

Here is how you can use the console command to unlock the Zoology skill:

  1. Open the Starfield Console Command through the tilde (~) or the apostrophe (‘) key.
  2. Then, type player.addperk 002C5552 on the console.
  3. Hit enter, and the skill will unlock.

In addition, you can rank up on the skill by repeating the command on your console.

Therefore, entering the command four times helps you quickly reach Rank 4 on Zoology.

If you want to remove the skill, type player.removeperk 002C5552 on your console.

Other Science Skills

Starfield has 16 total science skills, and the skills are categorized into four tiers.

Some of the science skills of Starfield are as follows:

  1. Astrodynamics
  2. Geology
  3. Medicine
  4. Research Methods
  5. Surveying
  6. Botany
  7. Scanning
  8. Spacesuit Design
  9. Zoology
  10. Astrophysics
  11. Outpost Engineering

Each science skill has its own significance however, some are more helpful than others.

In addition, Botany and Zoology are the skills that help with Animal Husbandry.

Moreover, Botany is specifically useful for flora while Zoology is useful for fauna.

The Bottom Line

Zoology is a Tier 2 science skill of Starfield.

Furthermore, this skill helps to harvest organic resources from creatures.

The Zoology skill is an important skill for Outpost upgrade and Animal Farming.

Hence, Rank up on your Zoology skills and become a master at it.

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