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Shadowheart Favorite Flower: Love Or Darkness

The favorite flower of Shadowheart is the Night Orchid in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

However, obtaining the flower can be a task for players. But it is not as hard as players expect it to be.

Night Orchid is the favorite flower of Shadowheart. Players must explore a few areas before obtaining the flower to present it to Shadowheart.

This article discusses Shadowheart’s favorite flower and the acquisition method for the flower.

What Is Shadowheart’s Favorite Flower In BG3? 

Players in Baldur’s Gate 3 can romance Shadowheart, one of the companions in the game. 

Furthermore, players can also use various methods to start a romantic relationship with her. 

One of the methods to increase your chances is through gifts.

Likewise, players can gift Shadowheart her favorite flower, The Night Orchid

Furthermore, players can start their romantic relationship with Shadowheart in Act 1 itself. 

However, the romantic relationship with Shadowheart comes with a few prerequisites. 

The prerequisites are that players respect Shadowheart’s boundaries.

Yet, players must show that they can make proper decisions if needed. 

Shadowheart's favorite flower is night orchid
Night orchid is the favorite flower of Shadowheart in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Thus, players must put in a lot of thought to have a romantic relationship with her. 

Furthermore, in proper Baldur’s Gate 3 fashion, you can have a few NSFW scenes with Shadowheart. 

However, that portion requires a proper relationship with her. 

Similarly, players must remember that Shadowheart is smitten by compassion for animals. 

In addition to this, players must also remember that they cannot pressure Shadowheart into a relationship and give her a lot of proper space. 

Thus, for players to flourish with Shadowheart, they must juggle between being aggressive and showing compassion.

Having a romantic relationship with Shadowheart can also change a few dialogues that she will have with certain NPCs. 

Likewise, in certain quests, you can also influence her decisions. Thus, it is great to have a romantic relationship with Shadowheart.

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How To Obtain Shadowheart’s Favorite Flower In BG3? 

Obtaining Shadowheart’s favorite flower is quite easy in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

As mentioned before, Shadowheart’s favorite flower is the Night Orchid. 

Players can find the flower in shadow-cursed lands during Act 2

Also, players can find the flowers near the cliffside roads along the northern and central portions of the zone. 

Furthermore, players can also find the flower to the north of Shadowed Battlefield. The exact coordinates are around (X:40 and Y:36). 

However, you will only find one Night orchid in this area.

But, you will find two Night orchids in the shadow-cursed lands. 

Find shadoheart's favorite flower at shadowed battlefield
Players can find Shadowheart’s favorite flower at a shadowed battlefield in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Furthermore, when you reach the area of the flower, you can use the alt key to highlight the Night orchid flower and harvest it more easily. 

Players can easily decipher the orchid for its distinct purple hue.

Furthermore, the visual clarity is much higher since the alt key highlights the flower.

How To Use Shadowheart’s Favorite Flower In BG3?

To use the Night Orchid, you can simply go to Shadowheart and give it to her. 

Furthermore, players can collect most of the flowers before handing them to Shadowheart. 

Thus, collecting multiple night orchid flowers may be a great choice before handing them to Shadowheart. 

How To Obtain Shadowheart’s Approval In BG3?

There is an approval list for the players if they are trying to have a romantic relationship with Shadowheart. 

The approval list goes as follows: 

  • Show kindness to children
  • Avoid unnecessary violence. Instead, try to use persuasion or manipulation to get the result
  • Show kindness to animals
  • Make sure to fight against oppression
  • Show distrust towards the Gith
  • All her to show her faith towards Shar where possible

As you can see players have a checklist to tick off.

Furthermore, there is a disapproval list for players, but we will not look into that in this article. 

However, players must know that only ticking off the approval list won’t make them have a romantic relationship with the players.

Thus, players must look into other requirements. 

The Bottom Line

Giving characters their favorite items can boost their relationship with them.

The Night Orchid is not only Shadowheart’s favorite flower but also a character symbol.

It is a rare and beautiful thing that thrives in the darkness, just like her.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in finding Shadowheart’s favorite flower, the Night Orchid in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

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