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Explore The Cursed Book In BG3: How To Obtain It?

The cursed book in BG3 allows players to gain a new spell if they decide to read. 

However, players can choose to destroy the book if they want to. 

In BG3, Necromancy of Thay is the cursed book that allows players to talk to the dead. They can obtain it from the cellar in the Blighted village. But, they must fight quite a few enemies before getting the chance to obtain the book.
This article discusses the cursed book in BG3.

What Is The Cursed Book In BG3? 

The cursed book, or the Necromancy of Thay, is a book that players can obtain in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

The book holds the power of the dead and can be a great way to strengthen your team if you want to make use of the book. 

Before accessing the book, or rather before being able to interact with the book, players must find a “Dark Amethyst.”

This gemstone is the key to opening the book and interacting with the book.

open cursed book using dark amethyst bg3
Players must obtain the dark amethyst to open the cursed book.

Thus, even if you were to find the book, if you do not possess the gemstone, you will not be able to interact with the book. 

Players can find the dark amethyst in the “Whispering Depths,” accessible through the old town well. 

Moreover, players can easily find the old town well at the town square of the Blighted Village. 

In order to obtain the amethyst, players must defeat the phase spider matriarch and equip themselves to go up against the monster. 

After obtaining the dark amethyst, players can return and obtain the cursed book. 

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Location Of The Cursed Book In BG3

The location of the cursed book is a bit tricky. However, it is hiding in plain sight in BG3. 

Here is a list of steps to get to the location of the cursed book in BG3: 

  1. First, head to the cellar under the blighted village.
  2. Then, make your way to the apothecary of the blighted village. Here, behind a few crates, you will find a hidden lever. 
  3. Then, move the crates to the left of the bookcase and interact with the lever. 
  4. Then, behind the door, you will meet two undead guardians who will charge at you. 
  5. Defeat them and make your way inside. Here, you will find a huge ornate mirror to your east. 
  6. Interact with the mirror and answer a few of its questions. 
  7. If you cannot answer every question correctly, it will turn violent towards you. 
  8. Then, it will summon a construct to attack you, defeat the construct and progress through. 
  9. After you go past the mirror, you will find the Cursed book/ The Necromancy of Thay. 

After you obtain the cursed book, there are a few decisions that you must make.

Each decision will lead to a different faith for you and your party members. 

Should You Destroy Or Read The Cursed Book?

The choice is to either destroy or read the cursed book. Each decision leads to a different outcome. 

Thus, make sure to understand the outcome before making your decision. 

Here is the outcome of each decision for the cursed book in BG3: 

1. Destroy The Book

If you intend to destroy the book, then you must deal radiant damage to the book to destroy it. 

It is immune to any other type of damage, so you can use Shadowheart or any cleric to deal radiant damage to the book.

destroy cursed book bg3
Destroy the cursed book using the radiant skill in BG3.

To destroy the book, you must first drop it from your inventory and then use the cleric to destroy it. 

If you do destroy the book, you will gain a bit of approval from Lae’zel. 

2. Read The Book

If you choose to read the book, then you must be ready to go through a few wisdom checks. 

After you decide to read the book, there will be several wisdom saving throws or, let’s say wisdom checks for each page. 

The last page will have a wisdom check of DC 20, one of the game’s hardest checks. 

After you complete every check, you will gain the spell Speak With Dead. This spell does not take up a spell slot; thus, it can be quite handy at times. 

If you do decide to read the book, Astarion will praise you, while Gale will show his disappointment. 

However, if you are able to complete each wisdom check, he will be impressed by your ability. 

read cursed book bg3
Read the cursed book to obtain a new spell in BG3.

After you decide to read the book, it will slam shut tightly and cannot be opened again.

However, there are hints that there is more to the book than the game lets us know. 

The Bottom Line

Similar to the Cursed book, multiple other items can change how the players progress in the story. 

Obtaining the ability to speak with the dead is a great addition to your arsenal since it allows you to get more information from the enemies. 

Hopefully, this article can give you a brief information about the cursed book in BG3. 

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