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Reverse Pickpocket In BG3: How To Perform It?

Reverse Pickpocketing in BG3 is the game-changing mechanic just found by some players recently.

As it can take down the boss in a single hit with 15,000 Gold.

To perform a Reverse Pickpocket in BG3, you must crouch and quietly approach an unsuspecting NPC. Then right-click on it and choose to pickpocket. However, you must add something to their pockets instead of taking the loot.

This article discusses Reverse pickpockets and how to do it in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What Is Reverse Pickpocketing?

In Reverse Pickpocketing, players could put their belongings in the NPC’s inventory.

Furthermore, players used this trick along with Blood Money’s ability to defeat a boss in one shot.

Reverse Pickpocketing can be done by placing your item in NPC.
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How To Perform Reverse Pickpocket In BG3?

Pickpocketing in the Balduer Gate 3 is an extra feature that enables you to steal the NPC’s Loot.

Furthermore, performing the pickpocket or Reverse Pickpocket is similar.

Here is the step-by-step guide to pickpocket in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  1. Go near the target you want to Pickpocket
  2. Perform a crouch and stealthily approach the target without suspicion.
  3. After that, right-click on the NPC.
  4. Then, choose the pickpocket option.
  5. However, once you do that, don’t steal anything but put something in their inventory.
bg3 reverse pickpocket
A player trying to pickpocket by stealthy approaching the target.

You need a higher Dexterity, Sleight of Hand, and Stealth to pickpocket successfully.

This means you can use the character proficient in the sleigh of Hand and Stealth.

Mainly the user-creation character with a criminal background.

However, if the user-created character cannot perform the task, you can use Astrion without fail.

Many players use this Reverse Pickpocketing trick to defeat a boss in one shot.

Players can Reverse Pickpocket to the people, but they seem to have problems with the vendors.

This might be because they might have reached the maximum capacity of the thing they can hold.

What Can You Do With Reverse Pickpocket In BG3?

One significant benefit of Reverse Pickpocketing is to defeat a boss in one shot.

Players can use the Reverse-Pickpocketing 15000 gold on the boss to defeat Ketheric Thorm, the final boss of Act 2, in one shot.

To do so, players used the ability called Blood Money, which deals an extra three piercing damages per 300 gold that an enemy possesses.

And using the Reverse-Pocketing strategy, players one-shot the boss.

Amazed by this technique, many people inquired if this could be done for the first boss.

However, players could only do it if the amount increased to 45000.

This is due to the armor that reduced damage by two, dealing 1 Piercing Damage instead of 3.

For the players looking for the  Twist of Fortune, it can be found in Reithwin Town.

Gerringothe Thorm also dropped him in the Reithwin Tollhouse.

On the other hand, players also creatively use Reverse Pickpockets.

They mail the cursed corpse to Gortash using the Necromantic Postal Service to take him down.

Furthermore, some players also placed an anit-magic flower to cancel out the boss’s magic.s

However, once the boss is defeated, the game will delete all the boss’s inventory items.

With Reverse Pickpocket coming into the hype, the players can devise an exciting way to utilize it.

The Bottom Line

Reverse Pickpocketing is the process of placing different items into NPC’s inventory.

Once you defeat the enemy using Reverse Pickpocket, you will also delete the loot from their items.

Therefore, remember that you can perform this trick with Blood Money or other items in the game.

Just keep exploring and find creative ways to defeat the boss.  

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