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Warcraft Rumble Big Red Button: How To Get It?

Warcraft Rumble is a new mobile action strategy game in the witchcraft universe and is quite similar to Clash Royale.

However, some players doubt what the Big Red Button do in Warcraft Rumble.

In Warcraft Rumble, Big Red Button is an intriguing feature that erases all the previous offers and presents you with the new offer. The primary usage of this Button is only to reset the GRID.
This article will discuss the details of the Big Red Button in Warcraft Rumble.

What Is Big Red Button in Warcraft Rumble?

In Warcraft Rumble, you have the personal marketplace called The GRID.

This marketplace offers Minis, Talents, and Leaders that help to strengthen your team’s power.

However, if the GRID offering doesn’t contain the offer you need, this is where the Big Red Button comes into play.

The Big Red Button in Warcraft Rumble lets you reset entirely the GRID.

Big Red Button
The entire GRID explodes once the Big Red Button is pressed.

Once you trigger the Big Red Button,the current offering in the GIRD will explode, erasing all previous offers.

Furthermore, you can only trigger the Big Red Button with the GRID recycles, and if it hits 0, you will not be able to trigger it.

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How To Get Big Red Button?

Obtaining the desired Big Red Button in Warcraft Rumble is essential to trigger it.

Here are some ways that players can get them;

1. Daily Quests

Daily Quest allows you to get a few amounts of Big Red Button per day.

Therefore, complete the daily quest to obtain the daily dose of the Big Red Button.

2. Increase Your Level

As you level, you level up and increase your in-game rank, and you will be rewarded with these buttons.

Therefore, continue to level up and get your hands on the tons of Big Red Buttons.

3. Completing Campaign Missions

You can also obtain the Big Red Buttons as you venture through the Campaign and Complete the missions.

Keep on completing the mission and gather tons of Big Red Buttons.

4. Shop Offerings

Keep your eyes on the shop offers, as the Big Red Button can appear as part of the deals.

Besides these methods, you can explore the game and participate in the events which provide the Big Red Buttons.

Furthermore, you don’t have to use the Big Red Button immediately as they obtain.

You can save it for later use, as there is no limit to how many buttons you can have.

How To Use The Big Red Button In Warcraft Rumble?

Once you gather the Big Red Button,then it is time to use it strategically.

It would be best if you used them when you are sure that you want to reset the grind.

Furthermore, before using them, ensure that the natural reset time is more than 12 hr.

GRID shop
The GRID shop has different items and the natural reset timer at the bottom.

However, you can focus on completing your mini-collection at the early stage of the game.

Therefore, to buy all the Mini offered in the grid, it is essential to have all units collected.

Consequently, you can use the Big Red Button in the late game to upgrade the rarity of specific minis.

Since you will be searching for them in the GRID, these are the strategies you can use to utilize the Big Red Button in your inventory effectively.

The Bottom Line

The Big Red Button is the part of the game where players can reset all the offerings of th GRID.

This will provide players the chance to get the hand on the items that they are missing.

Furthermore, players must strategically plan using the Big Red Button, depending on their inventory and gameplay.

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