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Free True Soul Nere With Smokepowder Reserve In BG3

You’ve heard rumors of a hidden stash of explosives in the Grymforge, left behind by a mysterious Deep Gnome.

Will you find the smokepowder reserve and use it to blast your way through the Duergar’s defenses?

Smokepowder Reserve in BG3 is a hidden stash of explosives in Baldur’s Gate 3. With the help of the smokepowder reserve, you can clear the rubble that prevents you from reaching the Grymforge and rescue the Deep Gnomes from the Duergar’s clutches.

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What Is Smokepowder Reserve In BG3?

Smokepowder Reserve is a hidden stash of explosives in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Philomeen left the reserve which is a Deep Gnome who can cast spells to free her people.

You can use the smoke powder to clear the rocks that block the entrance to Grymforge.

It is a home for dwarves, however, Duergar took over it. 

You can also use it to free True Soul Nere, a boss who is trapped by rubble in Grymforge.

Philomeen can cast spells to free her people.

How To Find Smokepowder Reserve In BG3?

To find the Smokepowder Reserve, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the northeast side of Grymforge. It is near the docks where some duergar are throwing dead Deep Gnomes into the water. 
  2. Look for a metal door that leads to a secret room. You can either find a hidden button that opens the door by passing a perception check.
  3. Further, you can squeeze through a collapsed archway by passing an acrobatics check.
  4. You will find a chest and two bags of Smokepowder Satchels inside the secret room. Each bag contains three satchels, you can use them as explosives.
  5. To use the smokepowder, you need to place it near the rocks that block your way and then ignite it with fire. 
  6. You can use a torch, a fire spell, or an arrow with fire oil to use the smokepowder.
  7. You can clear the cave-in at the entrance of Grymforge with two satchels, and free True Soul Nere with one satchel.
grymforge underdark
Grymforge is near the docks.

Benefits Of Smokepowder Reserve In BG3

Here are some of the benefits of using Smokepowder Reserve in BG3:

1. Enter The Grymforge 

You can enter the Grymforge by clearing the cave-in and exploring its secrets, loot, and enemies.

Grymforge is a large underground area that contains several rooms, corridors, and chambers.

You can find various items, such as weapons, armor, potions, scrolls, and gold, as well as encounter different enemies, such as duergar, spiders, and gargoyles.

You can also interact with some NPCs, such as Halsin.

2. Free True Soul Nere

You can free True Soul Nere from the rubble and fight or talk to him.

You can also get the Broken Moon lantern, ruby Rings and more items from his body.

True Soul Nere is a powerful duergar cleric who serves the Absolute, a mysterious godlike entity.

However, he is trapped under some rocks in a chamber near the center of Grymforge.

You can use one satchel of smokepowder to free him and then decide whether to fight him or try to persuade him to join you.

If you kill him, you can loot his body and get some valuable items, such as the Broken Moon lantern.

Further, it is a magical item that can cast moonbeams once per day, and two ruby Rings worth 100 gold each.

True Sould Nere in BG3.
True Sould Nere in BG3.

3. Complete The Find Explosives quest

You can complete the Find Explosives quest and get some experience points and rewards.

Find Explosives is a side quest that you can get from Philomeen. He is a Deep Gnome NPC, and duergar tortures him near the docks.

Further, she will ask you to find some explosives and use them to clear the cave-in at the entrance of Grymforge.

If you do this, you will get some experience points and also unlock another quest called Save Halsin.

Further, you can rescue the druid from the duergar.

find explosives
You can complete the Find Explosives quest.

The Bottom Line

BG3 Smokepowder Reserve is a hidden stash of explosives in Baldur’s Gate 3, a role-playing video game.

You can use the smokepowder to clear the cave-in at the entrance of Grymforge, a dwarven stronghold that has been taken over by duergar.

Additionally, you can use it to free True Soul Nere, a boss character who is trapped by rubble in Grymforge.

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