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Fixes: Ring Of Omens Door Not Opening In Remnant 2

In Remnant 2’s Cathedral of Omens, there are puzzles and cool stuff to win.

One of the most wanted treasures is the Ring of Omens.

However, players might encounter frustration when the door to claim this ring refuses to open.

You can quickly fix the Ring of Omens door not opening by adjusting levers, fixing symbol orders, positioning circles right, and timing it with Blood Moons to solve the puzzle.

This article will discuss why the Ring of Omens door is not opening and how to fix it.

Why Is My Ring Of Omens Door Not Opening?

There might be various reasons the Rings of Omen door is not opening.

Let us find out why it is not opening for you.

  • Lever not right
  • Symbols in the wrong order
  • Circles not placed correctly
  • Wrong time for Blood Moon
  • Entering incorrect door

Ring Of Omens Door Not Opening: 5 Easy Fixes

You must try some solutions if your Ring Of Omens door is not opening in Remant 2.

1. Lever Not Right

The levers are crucial in aligning the circles and symbols in the correct configuration.

If the levers are not set correctly, the puzzle elements won’t move as required to open the door.

Here is how you can adjust the levers as specified:

  • Activate the entrance lever to move two circles.
  • Engage the right-side lever to shift two circles.
  • Manipulate the left-side lever to reposition the symbols.
remnant 2 ring of omens
The powerful Ring of Omens in Remnant 2.

2. Symbols In The Wrong Order

Sun, Moon, Life, Death, Doe, and Ravager symbols must be placed in precise arrangements to trigger the door’s opening mechanism.

Failing to follow the correct order keeps the door locked.

Here are some ways to arrange the symbols in the correct order.

  • Ravager on top, Doe at the bottom, Death at the bottom left for Calamity.
  • Moon north, Sun opposite, Ravager left of Moon for Blood Moon.
  • Doe in front, then Sun, Life, and Ravager to the left for Hope.
symbols order remnant 2
Solve this Puzzle and place the symbols correctly.

3. Circles Not Placed Correctly

The circles need to encircle the symbols as indicated by the levers to create the desired patterns.

Moreover, incorrect circle placement results in the door remaining shut.

You can try these fixes to place circles correctly.

  • Operate the corresponding levers to position the circles correctly.
  • Engage the entrance lever to place circles around Ravager and Doe.
  • Activate the main entrance lever to form circles around Sun and Moon.
  • Manipulate the left-side lever to establish circles around Moon and Ravager.

4. Wrong Time For Blood Moon

Only a Blood Moon unlocks the door that leads to the Ring of Omens.

Similarly, trying to open it at any other time will make the door inaccessible.

Here’s how to fix this problem:

  • Before entering the temple, observe the sky.
  • If the Moon and clouds appear crimson red, it’s a Blood Moon.
  • If not, exit the area and re-enter until the conditions indicate a Blood Moon.
  • Alternatively, fast travel between locations can trigger the required Blood Moon phase.
Remnant 2 Blood Moon
Look for this Blood Moon in the sky to open the Ring of Omens door.

5. Entering The Incorrect Door

There are two doors on the right side of the temple.

Likewise, only one leads to the Ring of Omens, which will be identifiable by having an open floor during a Blood Moon.

Furthermore, you must enter the right door to yield the desired results.

You can try this to fix your problem:

  • When a Blood Moon is active, locate the door with an open floor on the right side of the temple.
  • This is the correct door to enter to obtain the Ring of Omens.
Remnant 2 Cathedral of Omens Puzzle Answer Right Door
Solving this puzzle is the correct way to get to the Ring of Omens’ door.
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The Bottom Line

In Remnant 2’s Cathedral of Omens, players seek the unique Ring of Omens.

But if the door doesn’t open, don’t fret.

Adjust levers, fix symbol orders, position circles right, and time it with Blood Moons to solve the puzzle.

The Ring of Omens can be yours with perseverance,  enchanting your adventure.

Happy Gaming!

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