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Solve Part The Mists In Imbaru Engine

Part the Mists in Destiny 2’s Imbaru Engine is a pivotal and somewhat mysterious objective.

You can start playing it after Step 5 of the quest called The Bladed Path.

Part the Mists in Destiny 2’s Imbaru Engine is a key puzzle objective where you must find the three flames required to open a door for the final puzzle in the Imbaru Engine.

In this article, we will discuss what the objectives of Part the Mists are and how to solve the puzzle.

What Is Part The Mists In Imbaru Engine?

In Destiny 2’s Imbaru Engine activity, Part the Mists refers to a specific step or objective within the game.

To Part the mists, you must locate and open a particular door in the Imbaru Engine.

You will find this door between the first two chests that appear when starting the Test of Cunning, one of the activity’s puzzle challenges.

part the mists
To Part the Mists, you must open the door to the final puzzle in the Imbaru Engine.

The key to unlocking this door is having the Gift of Strength Minor Arcana card in your possession.

Obtaining this card can be a bit tricky and involves venturing into Savathun’s Spire, a location in the game.

Note: You will find this card hidden on the right side of the room with three portals near the end of Savathun’s Spire.

If you manage to secure this card, it grants you access to the locked door within the Imbaru Engine.

Further, it’ll allow you to progress further in the activity.

Contrarily, you will find this objective in the Test Of Cunning part of the Imbaru Engine.

How To Solve The Test Of Cunning?

The Test of Cunning is simple and easier in comparison to other quests in Destiny 2.

The objective of this quest is that you need to find chests near the correct symbol.

The correct symbol here is star-shaped, so you need to look at the symbols carefully.

Moreover, there are three rounds where you need to find in total six correct chests.

The first round has one chest, the second has two, and the third has three chests, respectively.

You will find the first chest on the ground floor easily, make sure to choose the star-shaped symbol.

star symbol chest
This is what the correct symbol looks like.

Step on the platforms and go to another floor to find the two chests and repeat the same process.

In the final step, there are three chests that you can find anywhere in the room.

However, there are some tricky ones, as their symbols are behind their chest, but they point towards the opposite ones.

You need to search around and do multiple runs to find the correct three chests in this round.

Once you’ve found all the chests, the game will tell you to complete the Part The Mist objective.

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What Are The Objectives Of Part The Mist?

Part the Mists is an objective in the game where you must light up flames and open a mysterious door.

Your objective in this quest is to bring the flames to 3 unlit brazers located in these locations: 

  • Part the Mists
  • Savathun’s Spire
  • Alters Of Summoning

Furthermore, you need to search all three flames in these locations and bring the flames back to the Brazers.

How To Find The Flame In Part The Mists?

Follow these steps to find and grasp the flame in Part The Mists:

  1. Activate the deep sight.
  2. Go to the platforms where you will encounter chests.
  3. You will get a sight of the flame from those platforms.
  4. Head towards it and grasp the flame.
final puzzle door part the mists
Get inside the room to Attune the brazers.

After you’ve grabbed all three flames, proceed to the top of the Imbaru Engine.

You will need to activate all three flames at once; therefore, collect the flame from Part The Mist at last.

However, the door of the Imbaru engine first needs to be unlocked to access it by using the Minor Arcana card.

If you’ve done that already, you can easily access the door while collecting the flame.

You will get inside a room and in the middle you’ll find the message Attune The Brazers.

You have all three flames with you, so relight those three and turn the brazer on.

Once you’ve turned all three brazers on, the door at the front of it will open, and there you will come across the final puzzle.

The Bottom Line

In summary, Part the Mists is one of the objectives you must solve in the Imbaru Engine Puzzle.

You will encounter this objective in the Test Of Cunning part of the Imbaru Engine.

Hopefully, with the help of this article, you will be able to solve the Part the Mists objective.

Happy Gaming!

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