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Discover If The Grub Is Yenna’s Mom In BG3

One of the side quests in Baldur’s Gate 3 involves a child named Yenna.

She claims that her mom has been missing for 10 days; you can choose to help her or not, but be careful of Orin.

Yenna’s mom is missing, and her fate is unknown. She might have turned into a cat, been killed by an enemy, or used as a disguise by Orin. You can rescue Yenna by completing a side quest called Rescue Orin’s Victim.

Continue reading to learn what really happened to Yenna mom in BG3 and how to rescue her.

What Happened To Yenna’s Mom?

Yenna’s mom was sick and went to look for some herbs to heal herself, but she never came back.

It is not sure what really happened to Yenna mom in BG3. The game does not provide any clear answers or clues about what happened to them.

Here are some of the scenarios we can predict:

1. Turned Into A Cat

In BG 3, Yenna mom was a shapeshifter like Orin, and she turned into a cat to escape from Gortash or some other danger.

She left Yenna behind because she thought she would be safer in Rivington.

Further, she could not communicate with her in her cat form.

Therefore, she hoped to return to her daughter once she found a way to revert back to her human form, but she never did.

yenna bg3
Yenna asks you for help.

2. Killed By Gortash Or Enemy

Yenna’s mom was a normal human who went to look for some herbs to cure her illness.

Players predict that Gortash or some other enemy attacked and killed her.

Orin found her body and decided to use it as a disguise to infiltrate Rivington and kidnap Yenna or one of your companions.

He also took her cat as a pet or a hostage. When you met him in the town, he pretended to be Yenna’s mom.

However, when players confronted him in his lair, he revealed his true identity.

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3. Lost The Memory And Ability

In BG3, Yenna mom was a normal human looking for herbs to cure her illness.

She found a magic item or a spell that turned her into a cat.

However, she did not know how to undo the transformation and lost her memory and her ability to speak.

She wandered around the forest until she met Orin, who took her as his pet or his hostage.

orin transformation
Orin can transform into any form.

4. Yenna Turned Mom Into A Cat

Yenna decided to use some magic or a spell that she learned from Orin or some other source to turn her mom into a cat.

She hoped that she could have her mom back this way, even if it was not in her original form.

However, she kept the cat as her companion and hid it from the townsfolk.

Hence, she asked players for help and invited them to their camp, hoping that they would protect her and her cat from Orin or Gortash.

However, none of these are confirmed or verified by the game developers or the game itself. They are based on the speculation and imagination of some players who have played the game and searched for information online.

Is Yenna’s Cat Actually Her Mother In Disguise?

There is some speculation among the fans of Baldur’s Gate 3.

They say that Yenna’s cat Grub might be her mother who turned herself into a cat to avoid terminal illness.

However, the game has no definitive proof or confirmation of this theory.

It is possible that Yenna’s mother simply ran away or died and that Grub is just a loyal pet who cares for Yenna.

Some players have tried to cast spells on Grub, such as remove curse, restoration, or polymorph, but none seem to have any effect.

Some players have also tried to kill Grub or Yenna to see what happens.

However, it is a very cruel thing to do, and it’d be best if you didn’t kill it.

Grub maybe Yenna’s mom.

The Bottom Line

Yenna and her mom are part of a mysterious and possibly bugged event in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Yenna is a child who asks you for help in Rivington, a town in Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3.

She says her mom looked for some herbs and never returned.

You can choose to let her stay in your camp or not, but she might be in danger from Orin.

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