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Ruddle The Traveler Quest: Full Guide

Ruddle the traveler is among the recurring characters in tri-Ace’s Star Ocean: The Second Story R.

However, while engaging in one of the character’s quests, players face difficulty.

To complete the Ruddle The Traveller side-quest, players must travel to Salva, Marze and Hiltion, respectively and select the first option on interaction. Further, to receive the Scymbag Slayers, players must visit Harley Inn.

Continue reading to explore Ruddle the Traveler and the procedure to complete the character’s mission in Star Ocean: The Second Story R.

Ruddle The Traveler Quest

Ruddle, the lost traveler, has appeared in eight Star Ocean installments.

This time, Ruddle Crispin appears in Star Ocean: The Second Story R a year after the release of the Divine Force.

The Second Story sequel offers numerous main quests and optional side quests for the players.

One of the engagements is Ruddle’s side quest in VR expel to get the Scumbag Slayer.

In this side-quest, players need to help Ruddle get a Harley.

However, the quest is a limited-time event, so players must complete it before the deadline.

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How To Complete Ruddle The Traveler Quest?

The process to complete the Ruddle in order to receive the Scumbag Slayer in The Second Story R is as follows;

1. Armory Contest

Before progressing to certain quests, including the Ruddles one, players must complete a few criteria.

Initially, players must complete the Armory Contest in Laceur City.

2. Interact With Ruddle Crispin

To talk with Ruddle, players must visit Salva’s Town Street by selecting Town options.

Players will find Ruddle at the entrance, standing left of the Jewellery shop.

Ruddle the traveler
Approach Ruddle the traveler at the entrance.

Upon approaching, Ruddle will ask a question to players, so answer back by selecting the Go North option.

3. Visit Marze

Players need to interact with the traveler again, but this time at Marze.

After players reach The Newt’s Eye’s shop’s interior, Ruddle will be near the set of lamps. 

Players can get the advantage of Fast travel to reach their destination earlier.

Upon interaction with the character, players should press the first dialogue to progress through.

Marze Star Ocean
Select the It’s further east of here option.

4. Get To Hilton

This time around, players need to travel fast to Hilton’s Town Street Entrance.

Players will find the characters across the stairs and the shops in the middle of the path. 

Again, players must select the first dialogue, i.e., You just need to travel by boat again.

ruddle the traveler
Enter the first option in Hilton.

5. Get The Sword 

For further interaction with the traveler, users need to visit the Harley Inn The Ocean View.

Rudder will be standing on the left side just after the entrance.

The character will provide the Scumbag Slayer Sword as a token of gratitude for finding Harley.

Scumbag slayer
Reach Harley Inn to get the Scumbag Slayer..

The Bottom Line

Ruddle the traveller’s sidequest to help the character get Harvest is a simple yet tricky mission due to multiple events and locations.

The sidequest is in three locations, Salva, Marze and Hiltion; hence players will find the Ruddle there.

Players will also receive an exclusive weapon that kills any enemy instantly with scum in their name after completion.

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