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How To Get Bones In Blox Fruits Second Sea?

In Blox Fruits, many players wonder how to get bones, the virtual currency in the second sea.

Players not only seek adventures but also collect valuable resources in this vibrant world of Blox fruit to assist them.

In Blox Fruits, players can solve the mystery of how to get bones in the second sea by finding the cursed chests and defeating the ghost ship that randomly spawns on the map.

Continue reading to learn more about unlocking bones in the second sea of the Blox Fruits.

Bones In Blox Fruits: An Overview

Bones is the latest currency introduced in the Halloween Ghost Ship event to redeem exciting rewards.

Moreover, players can also unlock the possibility of winning the free fruit by collecting maximum bones.

Upon collecting the bones, players can trade the bones for several items and rewards with the Death King, an NPC in the game.

Death King in Blox Fruits
The player interacts with the death king to exchange bones.

Finally, upon collecting the bones, players can exchange them with Death King to gain common, rare and as well as legendary items.

Cursed Chests: A Reliable Source Of Bones In Second Sea

Players must locate the Cursed chests in the map of the Second Sea to attain several bones.

They should focus on finding these cursed chests as they spawn approximately every 5 minutes, so they must watch the game map.

Moreover, players can search the cursed chests in the Kindom of Rose, one of the prime locations in the Second Sea.

Cursed Chest
The player finds the cursed chest in the second sea.

Similarly, these cursed chests contain a definite amount of bones, typically around 40 bones per chest.

Generally, the cursed chests only contain about 20 to 25 bones, moreover, several NPC are spawned after opening the chests.

Players have to defeat these NPC and get extra bonus; defeating each NPC grants players about 4-5 bones.

So players can also get an extra 10-15 bones by defeating around 3-4 NPC that spawn after opening the cursed chests.

Thus, in total, players can collect about 40-45 bones per cursed chest and collect enough bones to trade it for several assets.

Blox Fruits: Other Ways To  Gain More Bones 

Besides the cursed chest, players can obtain the bones through other options, like trying luck at the Gravestone.

Similarly, players must try their luck for the 50% chance to obtain 20 Bones by visiting the Gravestone.

Moreover, players can also collect the bones by participating in the latest Halloween event: the Ghost Ship event.

Similarly, players have to defeat the menacing Ghost Ship to collect a substantial amount of bones.

Upon Vanquishing the ship, players can collect the bones from the ghost ships, as these ships drop a distinct number of bones.

However, these ghost ships do not spawn as frequently as the cursed chests, so players must take full advantage upon encountering one.

Also, defeating these NPCs will drop down a certain number of bones:

  • Reborn Skeleton
  • Living Zombie
  • Demonic Soul
  • Possessed Mummy
  • Soul Reaper
  • Evil Wraith
  • Bone Wraith

The Bottom Line

Players in Blox Fruits must actively collect as much of the valuable Halloween-themed game currency as bones.

They can collect the bones from the cursed chests and Ghost ships and try luck at the gravestone.

Overall, players should focus on collecting the maximum number of bones as they become fruitful when trading with Death King.

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