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Blox Fruits Ghost Event: Obtain The Ghost Fruit And The Soul Guitar

Are you ready to join the Ghost Event and experience the horror and fun of Blox Fruits

In this event, you can explore the Haunted Castle, the Ghost fruit and the Soul Guitar.

The Blox Fruits Ghost Event is a new update that gets you the Ghost fruit and the Soul Guitar with their own importance. You can also participate in the Halloween Event and the Haunted Shipwreck; find Cursed Chests, fight ghostly brigades, and loot for rewards.

Continue reading to learn more about the Ghost Event and how to find the Soul Guitar.

The Ghost Event In Blox Fruits

The Ghost Event in Blox Fruits is a new update that was released on November 2, 2023.

It introduces a new fruit, the Ghost fruit, with a revived rework.

The fruit is a rare and powerful fruit that can revive you from death.

Additionally, it has three moves: Ghost Form, Ghost Dash, and Ghost Revive.

Ghost Fruit has three moves.

Further, it adds two new events: the Halloween Event and the Haunted Shipwreck.

1. The Halloween Event

Cursed Chests will spawn every 4-6 minutes in all seas.

Further, you may find bones, fragments, 2x exp, or even spooky fruit.

Bones can be exchanged at the Death King NPC for bonus rewards, such as random fruits or Halloween titles.

Contrarily, you can find the Death King NPC in all seas.

2. The Haunted Shipwreck

This is a new sea event that occurs at danger level 4 and above.

There are two ghostly brigades and 5-6 fish crew members on the shipwreck.

You can fight them and loot the chests for rewards.

However, there is a small chance that a Blox Fruit will drop during this event.

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How To Get The Ghost Fruit In Blox Fruits Ghost Event?

To get the Ghost fruit, you must explore haunted locations which are scattered across different islands and have a spooky atmosphere.

You can find them by looking for spooky caves, abandoned houses, or any other eerie places that may signal the presence of the Ghost fruits.

third sea
Haunted Castle is in the Third Sea.

1. Use Observation Haki

Alternatively, you can use Observation Haki to sense the presence of nearby items and fruits.

You can activate it by pressing H on your keyboard. If you see a purple aura, it means there is a fruit nearby.

Instead, if you see a white aura, it means there is a Blox Fruit nearby.

blox fruits
White Aura means the Blox Fruits.

2. Collaborate With Other Players

Another way to get the Ghost fruit is to collaborate with other players.

Teamwork can significantly increase your chances of finding the Ghost fruit fast.

Thus, you can join a crew or a guild and work together to search for haunted locations and use Observation Haki. 

The Soul Guitar In Blox Fruits Ghost Event

The Soul Guitar is a new weapon that was added in the Ghost Event update for Blox Fruits.

It is a guitar that can play music and shoot sound waves at enemies.

Additionally, it has three moves: Soul Chord, Soul Blast, and Soul Melody.

1. The Haunted Castle

To get the Soul Guitar, you must go to the Haunted Castle in the Third Sea.

You can enter the castle by talking to the Ghost Guard NPC near the entrance.

2. Complete Signs Part Of The Puzzle

Inside the castle, you must find and complete the signs part of the puzzle.

However, the signs part of the puzzle involves finding four signs that have different symbols on them and clicking them in the correct order.

The order is random for each player, thus, you must pay attention to the clues given by the signs.

Solve Signs Part Of The Puzzle

The signs are located in the graveyard near the Haunted Castle entrance.

There are two rows of signs, one on each side of the path. Each sign has a symbol and an arrow on it.

Significantly, the symbol is the code that you need to enter, and the arrow is a hint that points to the row with the most graves.

You need to count the graves, not the soil and include the cross-shaped graves as well.

Further, you need to click the sign that points to the row with the most graves and then move on to the next sign.

The signs will turn white when you click them. You need to click all four signs in order, from left to right.

However, if you make a mistake, you can reset the puzzle by clicking the reset button near the castle entrance.

the soul guitar
Answer all three questions correctly to get the Soul Guitar.

3. Talk To The Ghost NPC

After completing the signs part of the puzzle, you must talk to the Ghost NPC in the castle.

The Ghost NPC will give you the Soul Guitar if you answer his questions correctly.

Further, he will ask you three questions about music, such as “What is the name of the musical instrument with 88 keys?”

Alternatively, “What is the name of the musical genre that originated in New Orleans?”.

4. Obtain The Soul Guitar

If you answer all three questions correctly, the Ghost NPC will congratulate you and give you the Soul Guitar.

Additionally, you can equip it from your inventory and use it as a weapon.

The Soul Guitar has an excellent design and a unique sound effect when used.

Hence, it is one of the rarest weapons in Blox Fruits, so be proud of your achievement.

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The Bottom Line

The Ghost Event is a new update introducing the Ghost Fruit, the Halloween Event, and the Haunted Shipwreck.

The Ghost fruit has a revive rework that allows you to return to life after defeat.

The Soul Guitar is a new weapon that can play music and shoot sound waves.

Contrarily, you can get it by solving a puzzle in the Haunted Castle in the Third Sea and answering the Ghost NPC’s questions.


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