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Remnant 2: Annihilation Cheese Strategies Patched

Annihilation is the main story boss of Remnant 2, there were strategies to cheese Annihilation to win the fight.

In the latest update, developers have patched the Remnant 2: Annihilation’s cheese strategies, balancing the game’s challenges and encounters.

Developers didn’t want you to find the weak point of Annihilation in Remnant 2; they have patched the Remnant 2 Annihilation Cheese.

Do you want to know the trick to cheese Annihilation? Read on to find out.

Who Is Annihilation?

Annihilation is the final boss of Remnant 2, and you can find it in Blackened Citadel.

It challenges the players, and the boss fight has three distinct phases.

Likewise, each phase starts after you deplete its health bar entirely.

However, the weak spot of Annihilation is its head in the first phase and humanoid body in the second.

Once Annihilation is defeated, it grants players the achievement of Forever is a Long Time Coming Trophy/Achievement.

Annihilation in remnant 2
This is Annihilation, the final boss in Remnant 2.

How To Cheese Annihilation In Remnant 2?

The players in the Remnant 2 have discovered Annihilation’s weak points.

Defeating Annihilation makes you win the fight and gain an achievement.

Here are a few steps to cheese Annihilation.

  1. You will find Annihilation at a crater at the beginning of your final fight in the game.
  2. Once you see it, turn around immediately and run towards the arena boundary made of red mist and lava particles.
  3. On the left edge of the boundary, you’ll find a narrow path that allows you to slip through.
Entering the narrow path
Enter the narrow path to find Annihilation inside.
  1. Execute dodge rolls against the arena border until the wall gives way, and you’ll be on the other side. 
roll forward till you reach outside
Roll forward till you reach outside.
  1. During the fight, stay near the spot at the boundary where you can slip through.

Annihilation can’t leave the arena, so keep your distance and shoot the boss safely.

The trick only works for the current battle phase; you will get pushed back into the arena for new phases.

To continue cheesing, leave the arena and return to the marked spot.

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The Rise Of Cheese Strategies Of Annihilation

In the beginning, players found clever shortcuts called Cheese Strategies.

These tactics made the game much more accessible, taking away the challenge the developers had intended.

Moreover, they quickly became popular among gamers, spreading rapidly.

With the rise of Cheese Strategies, the game’s balance suffered.

Thus, players no longer felt the genuine satisfaction of overcoming difficult content.

Annhilation cheese
You can now cheese Annihilation as it cannot get out of this place.

Remnant 2 Annihilation Cheese Patched

Annihilation Cheese Strategies Patched is a recent update that fixes a glitch.

It allows players to exploit the final boss fight against Annihilation.

The glitch involved dodging out of the arena and attacking Annihilation from a safe distance without taking damage.

This method works for both the first and second phases of the fight.

However, not for the third phase where you must survive until the cutscene triggers.

Despite this, this exploit may be limited in the long run, as the developers are likely aware of the issue and might address it in future patches.

The Bottom Line

However, developers have taken notes, and the leak in the boundary is one of the following patches.

The leak in the boundary is recognized as a bug; the Remnant 2 Annihilation Cheese is patched.

Consequently, they released patches that fixed the most problematic exploits, restoring the intended challenge.

In future updates, players can look forward to a more balanced and challenging gameplay experience.

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